Cerf, Agneau and Peau Porc.... PICS ONLY!!!!

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  1. Please post photos of your bags in Cerf, Agneau, and Peau Porc. Please indicate the color name, style bag, and leather of the bag you are posting.

    Please remember this is a picture only thread... NO CHATTER!!!

    Thank you!
  2. Pig skin Kelly 28cm

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  3. Agneau bolide 31

  4. My prized Kelly with leather in Peau Porc in orange/gold (not sure of french color name!)

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  5. Veau Porc Sellier Kelly 32cm PHW (pic)

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  6. My loved Jige in Peau Porc - Natural - 1992 IMG_1484392372.568381.jpg
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