CEO of ebay/paypal called me...

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  1. I had a little dispute with a auction which did get resolved. A couple of days later i get a call asking if i would be willing to talk to the CEO of ebay/paypal to tell him how it went for me at first i got a little paranoid and said i didn't want him calling me but then i changed my mind and said sure i wouldn't mind.

    I was told he might call me it it wasn't 100% certin and lo and behold i got the call....errrr well i missed his call but he did leave me a voicemail and a number to call him back.

    Overall i was happy about the outcome of my dispute so do you ladies think i should rant how i am not happy with all the changes going on and how it's all in favor for the buyers and leaving us sellers at the mercy of buyers out to scam us. :hrmm:

    what do you guys think??
  2. yes. they need to know that sellers are getting screwed and taking our business to consignment stores instead.
  3. Wow! How were you selected to get a call from the CEO? Did you contact him during your dispute? I agree that you should tell him that sellers are getting screwed...
  4. ^^^ no i never contacted him at all...i just spoke to a manager from paypal and that was it. I was told he wanted to speak to sellers to see if they were satisfied on how the dispute was handled.
  5. Just post his number here.....we will do the rest. Promise.:graucho:
  6. lol
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. :yes: Haha, his phone would be hopping for weeks!
  9. yayaya... I am desperate in need of his number :smile:
  10. Yes! I think you should take this advantage and talk to him!! Tell him they suck at giving sellers protection!! Oh! What am I saying...WHAT SELLER'S PROTECTION!!!???
  11. definitely tell them!
    i'm impressed that the ceo of ebay is actually taking it upon him/herself to investigate and hear the concerns from the customers themselves.
    i may have a little more faith in ebay afterall...
  12. They should also talk to someone who didn't win the case.
  13. don't restore your faith yet!! Could be a prank caller. ;)

    And OP, if you would like to just give him my number, I would be honored to chat or :boxing:with him.
  14. It seems they are covering their own behinds with the new "seller protection".

    The two new policies which astound me are:

    1. You are required to offer paypal and are banned from offering direct deposit in Australia.

    2. They hold your money but you have to post the item and be out of pocket from the get-go.

  15. ^^^ lol

    at first when i got the call asking if it would be ok for him to call me i thought it was a prank but it's not but just incase i won't give him any personal info