century city vs. beverly center

  1. I need some tpf help! I'm flying into LAX later and want to shop. Should I go to the Beverly Center or Century City?
  2. I never have been to the shopping areas in Century City but I do shop at the Beverly Center and I think it is a great mall with a variety of shops!
  3. I was just at the Beverly Center and went into all of the LV's in that mall. It was great!
  4. Depends on what kind of a shopping environment you'd like. I drive the extra miles to Century City just to go to LV (like who else wouldn't right?) although i've never been to LV in the beverly center, i like shopping at Century City. i find it more laid back and relaxed there. even on Black Friday, the store wasn't crazy at all, all of the SAs were very polite and patience even on a hectic day like that. i even got a chance to strike up a good conversation with the security guard lol. everyone is really nice there =) i'm sure you'll enjoy your experience no matter where you go. let me know if there's anything else i can help you with! =)
  5. Yeah I prefer the Beverly Center, I like the stores there.
  6. Which one has the better selection? I currently live in Boulder, CO. The LV store in Denver gets some good merchandise, but it's small... I also need to burn a gift card a blommingdale's...there's none in colorado.
  7. I think the Bloomies at Century City is better than the one at bev center...and the LV there is a little bigger than the bev center one. On the other hand, there are lots of other good stores at bev center that century city doesn't have...do you have time to do both?! :p
  8. Here are my thoughts on the Los Angeles LV stores...

    Beverly Center tends to be busy and you may have to wait 30 minutes just for a SA to say hi to you.

    Century City is never very busy but the SA's are not very friendly. That may be why they are never that busy.

    I have not found a SA I love at either location.

    I would REALLY recommend going to the Rodeo Drive location. That one is huge.

    I have found that I receive the best service from the LV at Saks on Wilshire. It is right down the street from the Rodeo store.
  9. OP - When will you be in Los Angeles?
  10. I will be in LA tonight. I will eventually end up in Thousand Oaks. I leave on Friday, but am stuck in meetings for most of my visit.

    Thanks for the input!
  11. I agree with the posters above. Bev Center is very busy but has a lot of merchandise and gorgeous displays. The CC store has some sourpuss SA's. But, you should definitely try the Rodeo Drive store. Just seeing its location is amazing.
  12. As far as volume of merchandise, I would go for Rodeo, and I also like Saks. I was in Saks today and I was surprised how many of the more limited bags they had on display. They are a short walk from each other.

  13. I recommend the Century City store because that's my store!!! I always use the same SA and she's great, but I know several of the other SAs, so it's nice when I walk into CC and everyone is saying hello to me!!! Even the security guard knows my name - he also likes my mom and always asks about her.

    There is also a Tiffany at Century City as well as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Coach, Apple, Gap, Eileen Fisher, Sephora, and lots of other great stores. They CC mall was revitalized and now has a wonderful food court (not your average junky fast food counters, but much better food places and a nice looking eating area indoors and outside). It also has a great new movie theater as well. And, if you have time, go eat at Houston's - it's my favorite restaurant!

    Parking is underground at Century City (entrance is on Santa Monica Blvd) and is free for the first 3 hours, then afterwards they charge you. If you buy something at Macy's, you can go to the Gift Wrap dept. and ask for a one hour parking validation. And the movie theater gives you, I believe, an additional 3 hours validation (not sure the exact time but there is a validation!).

    Also, if you spend over $250 at the Century City mall, go to the Concierge booth (near Bloomindales) and you can get an ALL DAY parking ticket validation! I buy my LV's at Century City and then get the all day validation parking tiks and use them when my DH and I are at Century City for the whole day (shopping, movie, restaurant).

    Have fun!!!

    Forgot to mention that I've seen several celebrities at Century City mall: Nickie Hilton at LV, Patrick Stewart at Houston's, Ian Ziering, and someone else that I can't think of at the moment.