Century 21

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  1. As of about 6 pm today, here's what century 21 had in:

    tons of paradisco nuvolas, scuolas, and a zucca or ciao or two
    tons of arancia inc. at least one cucciolo and one campeggio
    a few citta scuolas
    and one ohsotempting foresta nuvola

    I ended up picking up a citta rosa scuola, and then a pirata bambinone at macys, both with perfect placement! :yahoo:my toki collection has tripled in one day...and I feel it is all due to finding this forum, lol
  2. what's a cuzza? Do you mean Zucca?
  3. oops, typo
  4. in downtown nyc?
  5. Century 21? Thats a funny, we have centry 21 here, but its a real estate company!
  6. waiiit was this the century 21 by the WTC?? cuz I was there at about 4-ish yesterday and there was no foresta nuvola... arghhh

    why must fate be so cruel to me ???
  7. oh and yeah here in NY we also have Century 21 as a real estate company but we also have a dept. store called Century 21. I'm not sure who used the name first but as I understand it the dept. store has been around here for a loooonnnggg time.

    It was really confusing to me the first time I learned about the store. This woman I worked with came back from her lunch break and told me she went shopping at Century 21 and I was like "they sell clothes? I thought they only sold real estate" and she looked at me like I was from another planet and explained the whole deal to me ... haha
  8. we have century 21 as real estate, too. i so wish i lived in nyc so i could pick up a paradiso zucca. argh, why don't we have it on the west coast?!
  9. tokidokiangel - didn't you already score a foresta nuvola from century 21? i thought that was you who posted pictures of one. maybe not.

    i called all the century 21s after seeing they had them and i was able to do a chargesend of a forest nuvola. i didn't announce this because i was VERY leary about it. i would call and one SA would say they did chargesend, then i'd call back and a different one said they did not. i've gotten questions from a couple members asking where i got mine, and i wanted to wait to tell until i had it in hand. well, thank goodness it came on friday. i think i took a big chance.

    i dealt with a very nice SA but she didn't want to tell me about anything on it. she said they had 4 of them and they were all the same. well, we all know that's not true!!! i don't really like the front of mine too much, but for the price i paid, i think i should keep it. i'm still debating. the back is wicked awesome though.

    so there you go. i had a good exeperience in the end but please don't just go by me. i know people have had trouble with clerks and charge sending, so keep that in mind. i wouldn't want anyone to get burned because of my recommendation. good luck!!

    oh, i'm looking for citta rosa in something little. anyone see any there?
  10. How much are the zuccas there?
  11. if anyone sees an arancia bocce let me know :smile: there's one on eBay but I'd rather have a TPF member scout one out for me instead
  12. As a side note, I think it's strange that there's two totally different companies called Century 21. I don't know corporate law, but I thought companies weren't supposed to have the same name... Kinda like how the World Wildlife Federation went against the World Wrestling Federation over "WWF" and won so now it's World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)? Hmm? Anyone a corporate attorney here? Hehe.

    I wish our Century 21 was the other kind of business instead of realty!
  13. My parents used to own a store when I was weeeee little and I vaguely remember then having an issue w/ the name. Something about the name and the description of the store couldn't be the same? I think :sweatdrop: I was only in elementary school but yeah that's all I can remember
  14. Hoot...lets see pics of that foresta nuvola!
  15. You dont know corporate law? Funny earlier you said you did know the law and had an attorney on retainer! Whats the truth?