Century 21 on Long Island in NY has Koobas on sale

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  1. I am a fellow TPFer but I don't collect Koobas. However, I know that I would want someone to do me a favor if they saw something and posted it on the appropriate forum.

    As of 3PM today, the Century 21 on Long Island in NY had about 30 or more Koobas on sale at what I believe are amazing prices. I don't know the styles/colors etc that are coveted but if any of you live withing the range of one of the stores it might be worth it to stop in. Other bags were significantly on sale as well and the store was virtually empty.
  2. ^^ Is that a department store or something? Century 21 is a real estate place where I'm from lol... just a bit confused!
  3. ^^ I had thought the same thing the first time I rec'd a bag from an ebay seller in NY who gets many of her bags from Century 21 (tag was attached). They're totally different. I think they have a website as well, though I don't believe you can shop online with them.


    What was really cool is that they seemed to have a good mix of older and newer Kooba lines at the same time. Believe it or not, my seller found MARCELLES last year....which is how I finally got my beloved desert Marcelle.
  4. LOLOL....me too! Century 21 is a Realtor here. It wasn't until I came to the TPF did I realize there are stores out there. Either that or those Houses have a lot of really nice stuff in them...LOL
  5. Just to clarify things. Century 21 is a real estate firm. But here in NY there are at least 3 of them..one in Long Island, one in Brooklyn and one in the financial district near Wall St. in Manhattan. I'm not familiar with many of the lines new vs old styles but I do know that they have so many lines at fantastic prices that my head was spinning. I just wanted to give everyone here a heads up. Sorry about the confusion...as my mom would say..the road to hell is paved with good intentions. LOL.

    If I go back there in the next day or three (which I have to because I was charged too much for something) and have the time I will write down the styles, colors and prices and post them here if that's ok by the mods.
  6. Agh, I was just at Long Island visiting my boyfriend's relatives and the aunt was talking about Century 21. Gingeybear, if you can post the details, that would be awesome. I've been on the hunt for a Jaylin, Jacinda or Mattie at a decent price.
  7. Century 21 is a discounter, similiar to Marshalls but with better designers. Its a bit more upscale than Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. I've only visited the Wall Street location but you can get some really good bargains there.
  8. I went to the downtown NYC location earlier today. They don't have much selection of Kooba bag on sale. There's only one style in silver shinny color. I forgot the style name but i really don't like it. Maybe the Long Island location has better collection, but definitely not the downtown NYC one.
    hope this helps.
  9. Thanks campertwins! I was planning to check it out myself tomorrow. You definitely saved me a trip.