century 21 NY Paradiso & Inferno

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  1. Just left Century 21 with a new Inferno bambinone! $80! :smile: they had a good amount but people were def buying. one lady was walking around with 5 bags!
  2. oooh niiice miamialli !!! I'm just about to head out there. Dangit .. that woman had 5 bags ?! argh
  3. Hurry tokiangel....they're disappearing!:nuts:
  4. wow good deals!
  5. this place looks like they get lots of good stuff! i wish SD or socal had some place of that kind :p
  6. Ok i snagged a paradiso bambinone for $69.34!! :biggrin:

    The bad news is that the stuff I was trying to help people out with wasn't on the floor today :sad:
  7. WOW.. that is a very good deal !! Do they have bambino paradiso ?
  8. Juli - I don't think I saw any bambinos but who knows what else they put out after I left the store ... lol it's always a surprise there
  9. Tokiangel...thanks for looking! I figured it was a long shot!
  10. anytime annie :smile:
  11. geez I really want to go there now! If anyone spots a paradiso bambinone w/ the cloud-man couple let me know :biggrin:
  12. wow! the power of the internet! im so glad i posted and tokidokiangel u got somthin'! that was my first time to century21 what a crazy place! after, i went to macys and picked up a amore stellina and i got 11 percent off for being from out of town yippee! poor wallet!
  13. tokidokiangel - not sure what happened to the last thread of what was available at c21 but i would like to retract my request...i can live without a canguro cuz i'm not even sure i would use it! thank you though :smile:
  14. wow guys, sounds like great deals! ahhh too bad i aint got no $$$ right now :sad:
  15. Don't know if you'd get lucky or not....but I returned a paradiso BAMBINO to Azalea last month that had that exact snowman scene perfectly on it! And it had the cute little baby sleepin on the cloud w/the teddy up near the zipper perfectly placed too!

    They still have them for sale on their website and at the time they only had like 2 left....and I returned one...and its still listed....so you might get it if you want to try....they do take returns.