Century 21 (NY) has LV ties and scarves...

  1. Anyone seen that Century 21 lately carry Louis Vuitton scarves ($99 or around) for women and neckties ($69) for men?

    I thought LV is the one of the company who doesn't sell their stuff to outlets... are they real?
  2. Really? Guess I know what I'm doing at lunch time today.
  3. note : they don't have the sign as 'Louis Vuitton'. They must have made some deal with LV that you cannot say the name (?) so the sign saids 'Famous Designer'.
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    But they were definitely LV? Which ones did they have? I need to know before I make the long trek from Times Square. Also where were they? Usually the ties are in the tie section by the escalator and the scarves are on the second floor.
  5. Hey..I am a Midwesterner and don't want to sound dumb, but what is Century 21? I only know the real estate company...
  6. Century 21 is a mini chain of discount department stores in the NYC area. They are super crowded and chaotic but you can sometimes find incredible deals.
  7. Century 21 is a discount store in NY. Unfortunately, I don't think they have store locations anywhere else...
  8. NO WAY! If they do and if fakes, I'll report them!
  9. They have a store in NJ but that's as far west as they've gone.
  10. They're all in NY, I think there's one in NJ too but I could be wrong.
  11. Wow! I'm intrigued and definitly willing to make the trip (such a long ride all the way downtown). Do we know for sure that they have some?
  12. Century's may sell damaged stuff but in the many years I've been shopping there, they have never, ever sold fake anything. The OP may be mistaken about the scarves and ties being LV. HOWEVER, they have recently had Chanel scarves and ties and have always had Gucci, Pucci, and Dior, to name a few.
  13. Hmmm sounds weird... I have been to century 21 and it's not all that great, so I find it hard to believe they are selling Auth Louis Vuitton scarves.
  14. I am about a 15 minute walk from there... I will run there if they have LV scarfs.

    Where are they exactly?
  15. I went there before, never saw LV though? hmm

    I did get a versace scarf for $13