Century 21 in NYC - purses, deals?

  1. I'm going to be in NYC this weekend for business, but I have Friday afternoon to do some shopping. I'm going to mainly be at Barneys, but I was thinking about hitting Century 21, has anyone been? I read some reviews online and honestly it sounded a bit nightmarish, so I was wondering what sorts of deals people had gotten there.
  2. It's really crowded, especially on the weekends. The checkout people are rude as can be. Don't expect anyone to help you. They have some good deals on shoes and clothes, but I've never been impressed with the bags. Plus, it's all the way downtown, away from the Barneys, etc. If you're taking the subway I wouldn't bother. Half the trains haven't been running on the weekends.
  3. I agree it is really crowded but try going on a mellow day like Tuesday or really early on weekdays. Definetly less ppl. And you should try the Century 21 on 86th street between 5th and 4th ave in Brooklyn. If your familiar with the subway stations take the R train to 86th street. Its teh second to the last stop, which is 95th street. :biggrin: Hope I didnt confuse you yet. :sad: But no worries I think it's definetly worth it. :cry: Just one more thing. The century 21 on 86 street is really clean and nice but isnt as big as the one in NYC so if your tight on time, just spend your time wisely in the NYC store. You'll find everything there. Hope this helps. :flowers:
  4. I was there in the summer and they had some very marked down Juicy bags, but I don't like Juicy so I wasn't too excited.
  5. It's very hit or miss. But you should still give it a shot. Personally I shopped at the Brooklyn location more- but the NYC store has more selection in everything and about 5 times the amount of bags as the Brooklyn store.
  6. no matter when you go it is always like a homeless shelter with crazy ppl shopping, shoving and rude unfriendly ppl working there to boot
  7. Unless someone tells me that I'm missing out on rows upon rows of Prada shoes for under $150, I'm skipping it. Anyone? Or really nice bags, like Gucci or Chanel? I guess I'm looking for deal examples so I can decide if its worth it.
  8. ^Yep I'm wondering too, I've heard mixed reviews about the store and I might go to NYC this summer so... I'm curious :P
  9. When I was at Ground Zero last summer I saw Century 21 was located right across the street. I thought about going in but felt very somber with the surroundings and did not want to shop.
  10. Sorry to tell you but there probably won't be any upscale designer bags other than Botkier-and even that is getting lucky. C21 carries a lot of DKNY, Cole Haan and Isabelle Fiore stuff but they've really stopped carrying designer purses for the most part.

    They do have a great selection on sunglasses and even have a few of this season's Gucci shades.:love:

    On the third floor they have a really great clothing selection especially worth it if you are a size 6 or less-tons of Juicy, Miss Sixty and Joe's Jeans.

    Lastly, they're shoe selection-only worth it if you wear less than a size 8 as everything above that is snatched up by ladies on their lunch break.

    Do not go on the weekend because it is crowded and the selections are usually slim.

    Oh yeah I work right across the way in the AMEX building so I'm pretty much there every other day :biggrin:
  11. OMG thank you! That is exactly the type of review I needed to make up my mind! :smile: