century 21 - good selection? worth visiting?

  1. i'm visiting my old stomping grounds of the financial district (nyc) over new years, and i'm wondering if it's worth it to check the handbag dept of century 21. has anyone been there lately?
  2. Lately what they have is not so good at the handbags.
    They had Chloe and Dolce&Gabbana last month but they are gone
    (all this kind of premier designer are not there right now),
    and right now not really a good sellection I thought, when I was there
    on Dec23. But clothing they have so much and may be worth to check.
  3. omg... century 21 will be madness this week...

    Good luck on the hunt!
  4. OK, Century is like my haven......their handbag dept. isnt the best......at least not in LI.......but the Manhattan store is about 4 times the size.....as someone said above........the clothing, accessories, bed and bath stuff ( can we say a down comforter and 800 count thread sheets for amazing prices!!!) is so totally worth it!!!!

    If you are making the trip to NY, check it out
  5. Century 21 is NOT what it used to be. You're better off visting the better dept. stores for deals on designer goods.
  6. I ws there recently too and it just didn't do anything for me. I tried so hard to buy something too :p I agree with other ppl, the handbag selection was just ok and they had some cute clothing, but they also had stuff that I KNOW for sure I saw at the department store on sale.
  7. here is what they have now at the handbags...
    Sissi Rossi
    They were in the showcases so I don't know the prices much...
    probably 250$-400$ around? Missoni totes were $189
    It is not noteworthy now
  8. Lately, I've been going to Century 21 in Manhattan at least once a week, but rarely buy clothing. They have nice tablecloths, pillows and housewares. You get a coupon for $5-10 off with a $30+ cosmetics purchase.
  9. I've never seen anything in the handbag department but the one on Long Island has a great selection of premium denim.
  10. I go to C-21 in lower Manhattan on annual NYC trips every January. I try to go early in the day, the place is a zoo around lunchtime. Stock changes often. You have to prowl around the entire handbag department carefully to find things. I usually buy LeSportsac bags, totes, etc. at C-21. It's hit and miss, but I think always worth a try. There is a luggage department in the basement.
  11. i just went to the century 21 in nyc and got a pair of slightly irregular R&R denims for 80 bucks. other than that there wuzn't much i wanted.