Century 21 coming to my neighborhood!!

  1. I was coming home from the mall today and nearby there is a construction project. I looked at the sign that listed all the stores that are gonna be located there and one store is Century 21 !!! I am sooo excited cuz now I will have more discounted tokidoki available to meeeee!!!

    Of course who knows how the heck long it'll taken them to construct this building ... but I'm still excited .. lol :yahoo:
  2. ooh~ where's this new c21?
  3. It's gonna be in Queens - Elmhurst by 63rd drive (i think). Where the Circuit City, Old Navy and Marshall's are!!

    lol but watch ... now that i'm so excited it's gonna take em 5 years to build a mall there.
  4. i want a century 21 in cali :sad:
  5. Wow! HOw awesome if that tokiangel!!!!!! You WILL be our toki angel! I just saw tehlilone's corriere on her and I'm really diggin' it! It looks pretty huge!!! Can it be worn only over the body?
  6. Yeah.. I agree with AnnieB..you could be our Tokidoki Angel :yes:
  7. OO:huh:ooo lucky you! We only have the real estate ones :sad: