Century 21 Clearance Sale

  1. Enjoy!

  2. wish i lived in NY
  3. when does it start? is it already going on? **** i have too many places to shop at today.
  4. Its a great store ever!
  5. i miss this store!!
  6. I think stop by tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Love century 21.
  7. if you go, please post what handbag goodness was there.... i'd like to know if it is worth the trip. thanks!
  8. lately, not good handbags. I did not see anything but what are you looking for Kachesle?
  9. heh... what am i NOT looking for?! i guess i was just wondering if any of the HH bags that were there went on further sale, or the gorgeous sissi rossi bags that were in the case the last time i was there... i think i also remember some cute cynthia rowleys there...

    tho of course i'm supposed to be on a shopping ban! ;)
  10. I saw a Hayden Harnett Mercer satchel there for $199 and that's without discount... not sure if they have it on sale though...