Century 21-All you Premium Denim NY ladies

  1. They got a HUGE shipment in this weekend of Rock and Republic. First quality for $99.97
    Mostly Roth, some Kiedis and Jagger cuts. Various washes.
    I bought 3 pairs :smile:
  2. awesome, thanks for the heads up! damn, the weekend is over.. I hope theres still left overs by next weekend!! ackkk
  3. thanks for the info!

    were there any small sizes left? what washes did they have in kiedis and jagger? :smile:
  4. wow! i wish i had a c21.
  5. oops forgot to ask and edit button is gone. did you see any with crowns on the back pockets?
  6. I love that store. My size is so common, that they always run out of my sizes though. :sad:
  7. If you work in or near the city, hours are extended for the holidays. Open til 8:30 Monday through Wednesday this week and until 9 on Thursday and Friday.

    Complete holiday schedule:

  8. They had a lot of 23-25s left.
    I went on Saturday when the boxes unloaded and then talked myself out of 5 pairs in my sz (26)

    I'm not sure what the washes were. (where can I find that on the tag?)

    This morning I woke up and was really annoyed that I never bought any so I went back today and most of the 26s were already gone :sad:
    No crowns, they had these REALLY cool ones with skulls and silver buttons.
    Some with Red and Gold, Blue and Silver, pink and silver.
  9. I really wanted the rock and republic with the crowns! Maybe i will try and go to the one by me in Fort lee! and i will try to the city. I think ineed a 23 or 24?? How do R&R run??
  10. they had skulls!! i want those so badly, if someone happens to go and if you see a 25 or 24 in them, i'll pay a finder's fee!
  11. Good news but I cant stand going in there...always a madhouse!
  12. I got right when they open at 11
    The store is empty and CLEAN :smile:

    I usually size down one in R&R
    I'm a true 27 but I fit comfortably in 26s
  13. I went to C21 today in Paramus and was astonished. This woman was grabbing no lie about 40 pairs of R&R jeans. WTH? Ebay maybe? She had so many she had to take her daughter out of the stroller and then it tipped over anyway. I never saw anything like that before.
  14. Haha thats funny ^! People are craazy!!
  15. :lol:

    Had to be Ebay. Or maybe she's buying them up for people she knows.
    At almost 60% off retail, I don't blame her.

    I was at Off Fifth today and they had a whole display too.
    No VB Crowns, but some really nice Jaggers with pink and fuschia stitching.

    They were all $149.99