Central Park scarf info..

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  1. I definitely like what I can see of the design so far on this website. Is that order form legit? Perhaps I should call a boutique.
  2. Oh wow! I love it!

    It looks like a special Laurence Bartholomew design specifically for them instead of a reissue of an old design. I love that it has the NYc skyline. The website looks like its showing about 1/4 of the scarf.

    All I really know is that last time the Conservatory had one, it was avail at the Madison Ave store until supply ran out.

  3. that's a beautiful scarf
  4. Yes, it looked like a partial shot of the entire scarf, which makes it really tough to make a decision on whether or not to order it. Does anyone have an idea of what the entire scarf looks like? So far, I love what I am seeing and could be tempted to purchase if I could see the entire scarf.
  5. i love it as well..the colors are beautiful. Im just so confused as to ordering from this site. If i can, i will call a hermes store to verify

  6. I called the wall st. store and they said they don't have the scarf in yet. It's might take a few months. You don't have to order from the site. You can just order it directly from the store and the proceeds stills goes to the park.
  7. I just spoke to my SA at the Palm Beach boutique and Sandy says this is a reissue of the Central Park scarf that came out about 5 to 7 years ago. She's going to check on this and call me with more info. It seems the Madison Avenue boutique has more answers if anyone has a chance to call them. I'd like to see a photo of the whole scarf before purchasing. Right now, I love what I'm seeing, though.
  8. thanks to both of you for calling! so is the picture on the site, def. the scarf?
  9. Apparently the site is legit, so I suspect the photo is the real deal. The question is: is this a partial view or a photo of the whole scarf? Since this is a reissue according to the Palm Beach boutique, perhaps someone on this board has the original and can post a photo.
  10. yay then..i love the colors. i guess if I ordered from the site hermes will send it whenever they get it in stock?
  11. I got something in the mail about this (either from NY Botanical Gardens or NY Parks Office). The scarf is indeed beautiful, and supports a good cause! I think you can order through NY Botanical gardens.
  12. I've just written to service@hermes.com for clarification on ordering and on the photo shown on that website (full scarf pic or partial). Hope to hear back from them soon.
  13. It's gorgeous! I love it!
  14. I am 99.9% that this is not a reissue. This is a brand new design.

    The RUMOR was that it was GOING to be a reissue but I guess they commissioned a new design.