Central Florida Disaster

  1. Praying that our tpfers in Central Florida are safe, and that their homes are not destroyed......keep us posted please!
  2. oh no! what happened?
  3. I think there were one or two tornados and high winds. There are a couple of deaths as of this morning. Nothing TOO crazy, but it still sucks that people had to lose their life over it.
  4. Hope everyone is OK..
  5. that's terrible. I hope everyone is ok.
  6. Sending good thoughts to all the affected.
  7. Oh how horrible, I haven't heard anything yet, what cities are near there? I have family in Miami, I have to call them now.
  8. The areas affected are around The north of Orlando, east and west, there are so far 14 deaths, 20,000 without power and many destroyed homes, they had several tornadoes, there are apartment buildings demolished- it is very crazy!
  9. ^Yes, that area is devastated. It's so sad...
  10. Oh no...I hope everyone is ok..
  11. Oh my :'( hope everyone is alright..
  12. I feel really stupid asking this were people in either the Palm Beach area or the Post St Lucie area affected????

    I"m normally good with geography but the news keeps saying central FLorida, not specific areas or even counties. Thank you.
  13. I believe it was Lady Lake. My MIL lives around 10 miles from there, and fortunately was not effected by the tornado. It is my understamding that it is around an hour from Orlando...Feel free to correct me If I am wrong...Hugs and prayers to all of those in that region.