Central FL ladies...CL trunk show dates

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  1. Just found out that the Neiman Marcus Orlando will be having their Spring CL Trunk Show from 2/9 - 2/15. Normal business hours.

    I wish I could wait, but I'm headed to Saks and NM tomorrow to scope out a new pair LOL I'll probably just pop in during that week to see whats new anyway.

    Just wanted to let others in the area know.
  2. There will also be CL Trunk Shows at NM in following cities:

    Tampa Bay, FL 2/12-2/14 10AM-9PM
    West Palm Beach, FL 2/12-2/14 10AM-9PM
    Charlotte, NC 2/24-3/1 10AM-PM
  3. I want to go to a trunk show!
  4. Hello Karwood!! Reference the Charlotte trunk show what time is it over? Does one need an invitation to attend a trunk show? What does one wear? By my questions, you have probably already guessed that I've never been to one:shame:
  5. I'm going to go so if anyone wants to meet up PM me :biggrin:
  6. It ends at 6PM. Usually there is an RSVP at the NM site, but there is none for this event. I would call the Charlotte NM and inquire more information. As far as dress code, this is usuallly not a dress-up event. I have been to trunk shows in Chicago and there were numerous women wearing jeans.

  7. OH MY NERD!!! Finally something in my neck of the woods. Sweet! I will mark my calendar.
  8. DeeDee! great to see you here! We should plan to meet at NM for the trunk show!!:nuts:
  9. Hey, dont leave me out! LOL If you guys in Orlando are going to go one day, I'd love to meet up with other CL fans! If anyone is interested, just let me know!
  10. ^I am as I said above. I'd love to meet some of the local CL ladies. :biggrin:
  11. Let us do it, guys!! I am up for that and will call Edwin at NM to find out the scoop! I will PM you!
  12. Uh-Oh. I will be in Orlando Feb. 11-14 for a work conference. I am staying at the ritz carlton grande lakes without a car. I will get there!

    Oh, suggestions for a good restaurant to check out? I'll be pretty busy, but I should get some time to myself
  13. Awesome! I cant wait. I was so envious of the NY girls and their meetup LOL Hopefully we can put together our own.

    Creighbaby....if you want a really nice, upscale, enjoyable dinner...Normans right in your hotel is fabulous! Otherwise, you're also not TOO far from I-drive which is a big tourist trap, but also lots of restaurants and you can pretty much find anything you want there. Places like upscale restaurants like Capital Grille (steaks), OceanAire (seafood), Timpano Chophouse, Samba Room or Moonfish (right off of I-Drive on Sand Lake Road) and tons of chain restaurants of course.
  14. Question for any Central FL ladies that are in the know:

    Is Saks Orlando doing away with carrying CL now? I didnt ask the associates when I was there Friday because they seemed to be engaged in a deep personal conversation with each other :rolleyes: but they had NOT ONE CL shoe in the store on Friday.
    The last time I was there was about 2 weeks ago and at that time they had gotten down to only like 3-4 pair that were just intermingled between another designer, but Friday I scoured the entire shoe dept (which is small enough as it is) and there was not 1 CL to be found.
    Not that I shopped there much anyway, but it was a nice alternative when NM didnt have what I wanted to pop over and see if Saks did.

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything or knew anyone to get the scoop.
  15. Maybe we should meet for dinner with Creighbaby and call it our meetup?

    From my understanding, Saks Orlando does not carry CLs. What they get is returns and they try to sell them there but you can always take a look at their book and order there. Not the same, though!