cement waxed phyton bag -- buy or not buy??

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  1. I saw the cement waxed phyton bag in my local BV boutique. It's gorgeous and I'm thinking to buy it. However, the price tag is quite high... do you think it's worth to buy or not? how about the antelope color??

  2. Both colours are great timeless neutrals, but I personally prefer Cement. BV`s exotics are among the most well-made, so a python bag is worth every cent in my eyes, although the price tag for exotics is indeed quite high.
  3. The Cement color is my favorite. I own three python bags(Zagliani, Chloe, and a BV) and my BV is by far the softest, most well made, and the one that I feel will last the longest. I will limit my future python purchases to BV alone. I think they are worth every penny.
  4. I agree. I am really looking forward to seeing this bag in person. I hope they have it in SF.