celtic cross on accessories!!

  1. hey everyone, i was just wondering if the celtic cross only exists in handbags like Birkin, Bolide, Kelly etc.......or do they exist in accessories as well? Thanks for ur replies!!!
  2. Hmmmm.......I assumed that the Master Craftsmen only worked on the bags, and that the more Junior Craftsmen worked on the accessories (before working their way up to bags.

    I'm sure some of the ladies have more accurate info on this.....I've had 3 glasses of wine so am probably talking out of my butt.
  3. no worries, keep on sipping the wine away..........:wlae:
  4. :drinkup:
  5. lol to Cal :roflmfao:
  6. sorry to be stupid....celtic cross? where? haven't noticed one, maybe i don't look too closely
  7. Just read another thread about a cross marking - you should be delighted. Apparently it signifies that your bag was made by a master craftsman. Will you post a pic of this marking please, so we will recognise it in the future?
  8. I am always learning new things...with the help of this forum. Thanks.