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  1. I'm currently using a Treo 600.. but I'm wanting to change my phone.. I saw the Nokia 7710... and I really like it.. I need a smartphone since I use it as my palm also.. any feedback on the 7710 or any other smartphones?
  2. Well I have the Sidekick and it is amazing; of course, the downside is T-mobile has a 5 year patent on this phone; so, if you don't have T-mobile service you cannot get one.

    If you use it for business then you really ought to go and see the phones in person. The sidekick is great because the keyboard is functional - so many phone/PDA's are not functional for people who really need to use the PDA part of the phone.
  3. I have the motorola razr, it's really cool!
  4. I have the Motorola Rokr with iTunes. It's my iPod shuffle and phone in one!
  5. I'm very attached to my Blackberry, although I have been worried about the recent lawsuits with RIM and a VA-based company over the technology used.
  6. I have a PPC-6700 from Sprint. It's a PDA/email/etc device. My other weakness is gadgets :smile: This one plays music (although it cannot replace my nano), lets me watch movies, surf the net, and of course, make phone calls.
  7. Hmmm the Treo 600... I know that Verizon has some hot smart phones available out now. What would I reccommend? Wait for the Treo 700, it's just about to be released!! ^_^
  8. im looking for a new phone as well, deciding between a razr and a sony phone.
  9. I think Razrs are really nice...I love that they come in different colors.
  10. i have a blackberry
  11. I have samsung E530 purple i loves it!
  12. Of all the smartphones, I've always loved the Treo for its design and functionality. I have the 650 and my friend just bought the 700 from Verizon. Maybe you should just consider an upgrade?
  13. That's what my bf suggested but I gotta find a new carrier.. I'm currently sick of Sprint.
  14. I have nextel...old 730I going which I need to replace. Teens amazingly don't like to speak to their parents but they sure respond to your bleeping them and calling their name so loud their friends can here. So for now I can't change.
  15. I Love My Pink Razr Phone