Cellphone Lanyard

  1. I was just perusing the Coach web site for accessories, and noticed something new to me. What do you do with a cell phone lanyard? Is it purely decorative, or is it supposed to be a way to strap your cell to your wrist?
  2. i think some might be big enough to fit the wrist? (i was going to get one for my camera). but, really, its just decoration.
  3. I have this one on my phone. It makes it easy to hold on to to loop. I used to have one that would fit on my wrist that I loved but it broke.

  4. I've wondered the same...I loved the grasshopper lanyard they had at the outlets recently, but I had no idea what to do with it! Does anyone have a pic with one attached to their cell?
  5. I have one and it's just decorative. I think they are all really cute though!

    Here's a pic
  6. its purely decoration. it's like, why do you hang a coach keyfob off of your purse? no functional purpose, purely decoration. here's a pic of mine.

  7. TOO cute! Thanks for the pics ladies...it really dresses up a dull black phone!
  8. I have the pink one with the round legacy stripe thingie handing off it. You can hold onto the leather loop with a couple of fingers. I dont like how it bangs against my phone so I took it off. Looks good on the pink razr though.
  9. I have the crystal butterfly. It's cute, but purley decorative. I think some phones don't have the space where you loop it thru, but most do. It is cute, but sometimes annoys me when I'm actually using the phone. It does make the phone easier to find inside my purse at times!
  10. I have the little green frog. It's funcational for me - lots of my handbags have the cell phone pocket, but it's a little too deep for easy access. So I leave the cell phone lanyard hanging out and it makes it easy to grab my phone without digging.

    Also, DH and I have the same cell phone and I can guarantee you, we never mix up phones now LOL!
  11. umm i kinda attached a normal coach leather hand hang on a cell phone strap and used it lol.. it works well!
  12. i have the crystal heart and i use it on my usb drive....its PERFECT, looks SUPER cute and now i dont lose it ;) hehe i also have the star and moon one that i keep on my light blue mini skinny and a ladybug/flower one that i keep on my laptop sleeve :smile:

    THERE ARE A MILLION USES FOR THEM! hehe :smile: i loveeee them!
  13. You should def get one! It will make you smile every time you use your phone!
  14. I love mine!!! It's so...blingie hahaha

  15. I have that one on my phone currently! I think it's a little functional as it helps me to grab my phone out of my purse.