cell phones at the movies

  1. Am I hopelessly old fashioned? When did it become acceptable to use your cell phone in the movies? I'm not talking about holding a conversation on your cell phone, but text messaging. I suppose the assumption by the "texter", is that texting is silent and therefore not disruptive to other theatre goers.
    I beg to differ. I have attended two movies in the last month or so and at both, I was annoyed by texters seated in front of me, holding their phone up above seat level and therefore impossible to ignore by anyone seated behind them.
    If it is necessary to communicate by phone, why not do it in the lobby? Just wondering...sorry about the rant. I'm usually very agreeable but I guess this is just become a new aspect of attending movies which I will have to adjust to!
    By the way, with the exception of the above, Dream Girls was fantastic!
  2. The theatres tell you to turn your cell phones off during the movie, so really those people shouldn't be texting other people, either.
  3. Using a cell phone in whatever capacity during a movie is completely unacceptable IMO. If you cannot bear to be out of contact for the 2 hours it takes to see a movie in a theatre, then don't go to the movie in the first place.
  4. thanks Caitlin, during the first movie this happened (We Are Marshall) I actually asked the girl, a teenager about my daughters age, to please put her phone away. She pretty much ignored me. I should have gone for an usher but well, I was angry about missing the movie. The Marshall plane crash occured in my state and I was attending the opening night showing. So that behavior really surprised me as most people were really riveted by the movie.
    I forgot about it until I went to see Dream Girls over the weekend and it happened again!
    I started to think I was being unreasonable, so thought I find what others think, especially younger people. Heavens, I dont even know HOW to text!
  5. I often wonder how the heck the older generation survived without mobile phones????
  6. I cannot stand when people text during movies. If it could be done without the screen lighting the entire room, ok, but it can't. Me and my boyfriend went to see Primevel (his pick) and this girl in front of us was playing games on her phone and he just leaned over and told her to quit playing the :censor: game or leave. She did. I love my cell phone, but I do know how to function without it (especially for a 90 minute movie).
  7. I will put my cell on silent or turn it off during the movie. Unless, there's some emergency(in which they should exit the theatre) I don't see why people just can't wait. You'd think some of these people might as well have their phones glued to their ears!
  8. Long before the ubiquity of cell phones, movie theatres had long shrunken into box-like enclosures hardly bigger than the "great room" in a moderately luxurious private home, with screens not too much larger than those installed by the owners of said home and "stress position" seating designed by those wonderful folks who brought us airline coach class and CIA interrogation facilities.

    At the same time, moviegoers committed acts of mass reproduction, resulting in a new generation with extremely well-functioning lungs, requiring their parents to increase the decibel level of their own running commentary to something slightly just above close-range jackhammer.

    The cost of tickets went up, I suppose to account for these additional features, and the cost of cokes, popcorn and a bag or two of stale candy containing 40% less candy than its supermarket counterpart rose to just about the cost of dinner for two at the new fancy French restaurant.

    Mr Puff and I decided that we had just gotten too old, and too poor, and since then, we have done all our movie viewing exclusively at Puff Theatre, where patrons may consume the food and beverage of their choice, smoke at will, pause the action at any time in order to exchange important commentary and factoids, refill plates and glasses, all while reclining in comfort!

    Oh, and we turn our cell phones off.
  9. It's unbelievably RUDE RUDE RUDE !!!!!!!!!!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    Cell phones should be OFF or better yet, leave the damn things in the car !!!!!!!!!!!!!:lecture:
  10. I can't stand going to the movies because if it is not the cell phones, it is the patrons chomping loudly, sneezing or coughing, of course without practicing infection control by covering their foul, popcorn filled mouths.
  11. i never turned off my cell.
    i always go silent, so at least i know how many missed calls or texts i receive when i'm in the movie :p
  12. Same here..I never answer though.
    If I need to text before the movie I'll do it but then I don't look at it again until the movie is over.
  13. yeah, except in urgent!
    i remember few years back i was watching movies with my friends and she turn her cell off and her husband just put it in silent.
    it's a "good" thing then because her sister was trying to find her to tell her that her mom died that moment.
    i'm afraid i won't know if something's bad happen and no one can reaches me.
    i'm anal about this thing
  14. Not cool at the movies. The worse is cells in the bathroom! Eww, learn some hygiene!
  15. I'll put my phone on silent but I will not look at it during the movie. If someone calls me, I'll quietly get up and answer the phone outside of the theater. It drives me nuts when people use their cell phones to text in theaters. If it's urgent, leave the theater. If it's not, answer it after the movie.

    Don't even get me started on people using their cell phones during musicals/operas/ballets.