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  1. bag/holder. I know Lv makes one and i'm having a hard time locating one on eBay.
    Does anyone know the correct name for this ?
    [​IMG] What does he have it attached too? It almost looks like a pochette strap
  2. Etui Téléphone International Pm / International Cell Phone Case Pm
  3. Yes, it looks like she has attached a pochette strap to it. The case itself comes with the hook designed to attach it to the d-rings.
  4. Thank you, that might help my search.
    BTW if you come cross one on eBay please let me know.
  5. I like that idea, i'd hang my on the outside of my bag so i could hear it ring.
  6. Yes, I think that's a great idea! I'm so bad for not hearing my phone ring when it's in my bag, and then I can't find it when it is ringing! :shame:

    Here is the stock photo off LV.com
  7. wow, what a great LV! She makes it look so neat!

  8. thankyou.
  9. O/T But is it wrong to dislike somebody I've never even met?! I really cant's stand JS (and that's putting it in the nicest possible way)!!!:yucky:
  10. lol...I just love her!
  11. LOL. Umm I dont really care for any of the stuff that she does. :yucky:
  12. She's a maneater in my opinion :yucky:
    I watched Behind The Music on VH1 the other day and felt like crying when poor Nick was speaking about his relationship with her :sad:
    He seems like a nice guy...I don't think JS was good to him :rant:
  13. I want one of those cell phone holders...I agree with you guys, I really can't stand JS too. What's up with her sister and all her surgeries???
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