Tech Cell Phone Water Damage!! Please HELP

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  1. i had my cell phone by the pool, just like 15 minutes ago and it it fell in by accident. I grabbed it, but the bottom half of it went under for a LITTLE bit. it wasn't soaked or anything. just wet a little. So then it shut off automatically, and I tried to turn it back on again and I couldn't. I wiped it dry. Then I took the back off the phone, and took the battery out. I dryed both with my hairdryer for a long time. I put the phone back together. When i gave it a little bang, the screen turns on but that's it. Like the main screen or homescreen of the cell phone, but soon it'll turn back off again or the key pad will start flashing a bit. Can anyone please help me? Is there anything I can do besides go buy a new cell phone? I really can't buy a new one right now. For a moment after I dried everything with the hairdryer I thought it worked, but guess it doesn't really work. Is there ANYTHING i can do????? Someone help. :sad:
  2. I'm so sorry.....but.....your phone needs to be replaced. It cannot tolerate water of any kind. It's a shame, but that's all you can do....really.
  3. Leave the battery out, and let it dry out several (about 5) days.... You may have done additional damage with the hair dryer. My dad left his out in the rain, and decided to stick it in the oven to dry, I don't recommend that either. :wtf:

    On the plus side, cell phone are pretty cheap these days.... If your phone has a SIM inside, you can buy pretty much any phone. My dad replaced the one he marinated and roasted with a nice one from Target for $50.
  4. Yes, but if I need to get a new phone, I'd have to buy a whole new one because I don't think I have insurance on my cell phone. Actually I'm pretty sure I don't. I had around maybe 36-40 contacts on my contact list. As far as the damage goes, the only thing I care about is my contacts on my contact list and being able to text message. If I can't call a person, I will live, but I have to be able to message them somehow if I get lost somewhere. Right now, I have both the phone and the battery right under a household lamp and I plan to leave them there overnight? God I really hope this works.
  5. when my phone went under once, a blow dryer doesn't seem to work very well, even if it seems dry, there are probably spots still wet inside the circuitry. i then let it sit and dry for several days and then it turned on without any problems. though the "1" key sometimes refuses to register. i would let it sit for a couple days.
  6. EEK! My friend just dropped her blackberry in the sink earlier. Bad day for phones. I think if you let them dry out they will be alright. I dropped my razr years ago in the rain filler street gutter and let it dry out and it worked fine.
  7. I read a story about someone's iphone submerging in water. They let it sit and dry for about a week and it worked when they turned it on.
  8. Don't turn it on and put it in a bag of rice for a couple days. The rice should act as a dessicant.
  9. When my Dad visited he put his through the washing machine - the ENTIRE cycle. He went straight out and bought a new one, and a few days later when he was putting his first phone back together it came to life - and works perfectly.
  10. My brother once left his phone in his pocket and it went through the wash! He left it alone for a couple of days and then it worked as good as new. Good luck.
  11. I only have yellow rice. That won't work, will it?
  12. If after all of that it does not work, get you a less expensive phone until you can get the one you want.
  13. I dropped a phone in the toilet a few years ago. It was dead for two weeks and then one day I turned it on just to see (not expecting anything) and it worked.
  14. That happened to me a few years ago. The phone shut off. I took it apart and blew it with the hair dryer for a long, long, long time. I kept checking it and nothing would happen. I did the blow dryer again and left it out for the night. In the morning it worked perfectly.

    But, I did call immediately and get the insurance.