Cell phone texting

  1. I am not a big user of texting so for those of you who use it a lot, can you tell me what and when you use if for?

    My boyfriend just bought a plan with texting and I am deciding whether I should consider it but I don't really know what to use it for. I just always call a person up if I want to talk to them.

    Thanks guys.
  2. well first texting is cheaper in other parts of the world....so a lot people use it because of that. Kids use it because it is quick and quiet.

    Think of IM, it's about the same.
  3. i love texting :p
    it's when i need to keep in touch with some people i know, but not very close with. sometimes i can be very weird and don't like to talk to people. so texting is good :yes: for me :p
  4. I text all of the time. I mainly use to say what's up and when I am not able to talk, I text instead.
  5. i text as little as possible.. because i dont like using either the regular or t9 typing system. it's good for getting/giving directions and quickies, but i rarely use it.
  6. I love to text, when my boyfriend is at work thats how we communicate, he cant just pick up the phone to chat, he can text me back whenever he has a chance. Its like an answering machine in type :yes:
  7. Well, when I am in a boring meeting and need something to do I send texts instead!

  8. i would definitely consider texting! the only time it backfired on me was with this friend who apparently thought i texted her b/c i didn't want to talk to her.

    okay. maybe part of that is true but it's mostly to save minutes. if i only am going to say, i'll be fifteen minutes late or five minutes, i think a text is okay.

    or when you want to see what your friend is doing but you're not sure if they are at work or school or what not, it's more polite because they don't have to talk, and they can ignore it if they're doing something important and if they do text back, like someone else commented, it's quiet!

    and i also like it when certain pple text me :love: things i might want to remember i'd save it. since your bf is getting the plan and if you get it...you get my drift right?

    but only get it if you think you'll be texting a lot, otherwise at 10cents for a msg if its so so usage you'd only be maybe charging two or three dollars (depending on how much the plan is and text per plan even at that rate it might be better for you to get a plan)
  9. i hate talking on the phone, so i use it to avoid small talk when i don't want to (or can't) spend a long time on the phone. i also use it when i want to talk to someone, but they're at work or in class or something. it's saved me from dying of boredom more than once. :smile:
  10. i txt when i'm in school bc i can't talk, i txt when i need to say something that doesn't need a response (ex: be there in 10), i txt often. i also txt my bf just to say hi, and he'll send me messages from work. it's never necessary, but it was only $5 extra on my plan so i figured i may as well.
  11. I love texting, this is why I wish I had a sidekick! I get free texts in my plan and not enough minutes, so for me its easier to text someone a quick message than to dial them and use up minutes.
  12. Personally, its not my first choice. Talking is so much quicker/easier. But, on the rare occassion i need to tell DH something and he is in a meeting, I will text him.
  13. i like texting because in a large college class, i can do it covertly to entertain myself. it's also really helpful if you want to send someone a little snippet of info that you don't necessarily need a conversation for. i usually text my friends things that i think will amuse them.
  14. Oh, forgot, my hubby and I also use picture messages when I send him out to buy something he'll take a pic of it and send it to me to make sure that it is exactly what I sent him out for

    Once in awhile he'll send me cute little notes that I save on my phone.
  15. I use it ALL the time. I mainly text my bf and my friend recently figured out how to do it lol so we text occasionally. Also, I showed my mom how to so we can communicate if I'm in class and can't actually talk.