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Which cell service?

  1. Sprint

  2. Verizon

  3. T-Mobile

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. We've had Sprint for the last several years, but have been fairly dissatisfied with their service. A couple of weeks ago we switched to Cingular, which I've heard great things about, but we've had nothing with trouble with the service: Dropped calls, calls not going through at all, fading in and out while talking on it. I'm kind of at my wit's end. I guess the other two big choices are Verizon and T-Mobile. I'd appreciate any advice on which service you have and whether or not you're satisfied with it.
  2. I have never had problems with Verizon's phone service (no dropped calls or phone calls not going through) BUT their customer service is the worst! :cursing: That is why I am going to switch over to another company once my contract is over.
  3. I left Verizon because of the horrible customer service. Left Cingular because of dropped calls and horrible customer service. Went to Sprint and so far have left the problems behind. I have had good luck so far and probably shouldn't have written this because I will jinx myself!
  4. I have used T-mobile for the last couple of months and found they have great CS and service all together.
  5. I have Cingular and I have been trying to get away from them since I got my first cellphone at 18. When I finally did get out of my contract, I decided on At&t, but then they merged with Cingular!!!! So once this final contract is up in Sept of next year, I'm going with T-Mobile. I really want a sidekick.
  6. I had T-mobile for years and loved them to death but switched to Verizon to get on same bill with my DH, HATED them! Bad customer service and lots of dropped calls. We then moved to Sprint and the only reason we switched was a lack of cool phones. We switched to Cingular and OMG I hate them with a passion. I want Sprint back but we're stuck for now.

    I was told by a cingular guy they are going back to AT&T, so I am praying they change my contract terms so I can cancel my contract with no termination fees!

    So, lol, moral of the story, go with T-mobile if you don't like Sprint, otherwise, stick with Sprint!
  7. I have tmobile, I love the phones! they are really really good.. I currently have the sidekick and everyone else in my family has good phones. Though, i think the service signal tends to suck most of the time! hmm..
  8. Verizon ever since 2003!!!!!!!. Verizon has great service for me,great custumer service (I have dealt with them alot). Verizon uses CDMA technology(which is very good). I never had a drop call,and less than 4 bars!. I even had full bars when I went to the Dominican Republic!. The only complaint about verizon is that they are one of the pricer carriers,well you pay for what you get ;].
  9. Cingular is awful.. hate it and can't wait until my contract expires. They claim to have the least amount of dropped calls. In comparison to who?
  10. T-Mobile!!! when i first got a cell phone, i signed up with sprint... but then after my contract expired, went to t-mobile. i've never had any problems, and i've been using their services for 3 years.

    thing i like about gsm network is that i can buy other gsm phones not available in the US and use them here. i don't like the phones that are offered here, they're usually far behind.
  11. I was with T-Mobile for 5 years and loved them. BF works for a different carrier so I got 'switched' to get onto his plan at a huge discount (and free phones too, hehehe). Honestly, T-mobile's customer care is worlds above my BFs carrier, even though his is far larger in comparison.
  12. we first had tmobile but after a year switched to cingular. the switch hasn't been that long, but so far so good. we got tons of dropped calls from tmobile. i was thinking of porting our numbers to verizon instead of cingular, but they don't have that much cool phones. so far, im liking cingular - specially since i got 8525. lol. but i might try out the new treo680. will see.
  13. I have Cingular and have good reception (there's a tower here on campus) but the only thing that I still have problems with are dropped calls. Makes me so mad, especially with all those darned dropped call commercials! I would really like to go to T-Mobile to get a sidekick, but service isn't that great here at school.
  14. I was using Cingular ever since I got a cell phone back in the 90s and then switched to T-Mobile this year. Then when I moved to a new neighborhood, freaking T-Mobile doesn't get reception in my house! So now I have to suffer until Jan when I can switch to Verizon, the only cell phone provider that will work in my area. :cursing:

    I love Cingular and regretted for switching. I get more drop calls when using T-Mobile then Cingular.
  15. I'm surprised so many people had problems with Cingular. I love it!