Cell Phone questions....Plz help!

  1. Hi guys.....

    I have a Nokia, and my plan network thing is Verizon......

    I can barley hear ANYTHING on my phone, so i think i need a new one, LOL


    1. Should I stay with Verizon? Go with Cingualr? T-Mobile?

    2.If you have great service on your plan, what is it called?

    If I choose T-Mobile, do you like the Sidekicks?? Are they reliable? Good service?

    Thanks so much guys!!!

  2. anyone help?
  3. I have t-mobile and I have a blackberry pearl. I love it. I have never used a sidekick.
  4. We used to have T-Mobile and switched to Cingular. For some reason we couldn't get a lot of service through T-Mobile in our area and Cingular did.

    I have a Samsung phone which I absolutely LOVE!
  5. I have verizon (Razr aka piece of crap phone) and t-mobile (sk2)

    Verizon is great you get service anywhere, even in my office building i have great service.

    For the T-mobile i notice that when i'm at work the service is out for most of the day.

    I say stick to Verizon if you want good phone service. Also get a samsung phone their batteries last forever
  6. How about the new iphone???

    I have sprint and a katana sanyo phone. I have no problems. Good luck!
  7. Well, is this happening on all your calls or just occasionally? Did it just recently start? I assume you know how to turn the volume up. Sometimes when you reset the phone or take the battery out, the volume goes back to default.
    The one thing I don't like about Verizon is that they use CDMA phones which aren't based on SIM cards, so you can't use any other phones aside from a phone bought from Verizon (at some point or another). With T-Mo and AT&T for example, if my phone is unlocked, I can give it to Kara and she can just pop her T-Mo SIM in it and make calls. It also means you can get a phone off the internet or buy from a friend and just pop your SIM in. It's more versatile in other words.
    As far as phones, check the provider you want, then pull up reviews on www.cnet.com for their phones that interest you.
  8. ^^^I agree about the SIM card part. Sprint and Verizon do not have SIM cards. I do not have to get a phone from T-mobile if I don't want to.
  9. I agree with Charles, the SIM cards are so worth it. They make your life a lot easier, when changing phones!!! I also, would agree with NYCBelle that Razrs are pieces of crap...we have one and it has been the worst phone we have ever owned. :tdown:
  10. I've had verizon for about 4-5 years. Before i've had Sprint and US Cellular. My parents have AT&T. Verizon is by far the best. If you're out of your area with verizon you aren't charged roaming charges (unless you're really in the middle of no where - but then you probably won't get service). with other carriers if you're out of the service area you most likely won't get calls, voicemail, or text messages (my friends have that problem when they go back home)- verizon doesn't have that problem. If you want something like the sidekick but want to stay with verizon try the EnV by LG. i have the first model the "V" and i LOVE it.

    once i thought about switching to AT&T and the salesman was really honest with me and told me that if i were in an area that wasn't serviced by them then my phone just won't work. these are the areas that verizon considers "extended area" and their service has no problems.
  11. I have T-Mobile, I love it. I used to have a sidekick 2, but I got a razr last x-mas. :tdown: Bad idea, IMO. I should have gotten the sidekick 3.
  12. i have a razr w/ at&t service. i can't say that i love or hate it, but it's done what i've needed it to do, eg. make and receive phone calls. i'm hoping to get a samsung blackjack soon, though. does anyone have one?
  13. i hope verizon gets the blackberry curve!!
  14. I have Verizon and Cingular. I used to have the EnV but then I switched to a Blackberry Curve. I also have a RIM Blackberry 8830 under Verizon plan for work. both are great phones.

    I will be looking into the new iPhone. it looks great but I'm not sure about the touch screen keyboard. I like the keyboards on blackberry's.
  15. cell phone service varies a lot by the city or area you live in - ask around to your friends to see what they say.

    for example, cingular/att is the BEST in Georgia because it's based here. there's basically nowhere that you don't get a signal.

    as far as phones, i've loved every samsung phone i've had, and motorolas are't worth crap.