Cell phone question

  1. If Apple is not coming out with a cell phone, I would really like a Motorola Q. Problem is, they only released the Q to Verizon, and Verizon does not serve the Midwest area. So...if I bought the Q would it be compatible with Cingular service? Does anyone know?
  2. :nuts: Apple is coming out with a cell phone???!!
  3. Nope!, Verizon Wireless uses CDMA technology,and Cingular uses GSM &TDMA (I still belive in some areas). Verizon Wireless uses a diffrent frequency sorry =D. I belive in the midwest there are other small CDMA carries such as ALLTELL,US.CELLULAR ect. Maybe you can get your Q ulocked onto another CDMA carrier in your area?. If you have anymore questions just pm me... Cellphones are my other obession esp vz wireless:love:
  4. Wow. Great info, thanks! I called Cingular and they said the Q will be available in a Cingular model around the second week of November. But the reviews I have been reading are not ALL that favorable...so now I need to think about whether I want a TREO or the Q.
  5. I'm going nuts. I had to wait two years to upgrade my phone. All my friends were getting RAZRs and I was stuck with my old camera phone. When it finally was up, the RAZRs were free, so I knew something better was coming. Then they released Chocolate... and I am not too excited about it despite all of the marketing.

    I'm just afraid of getting trapped in another two year contract and feeling like everyone else has the next big thing.

    I'm thinking of going to AMPd cause they have better rates and it's on the Vz platform. Plus the phones seem a bit cooler than chocolate. But again, I want to be able to change my cell phone like I change underware. I dont like it when others have better phones than me!!!
  6. The ratings for the Chocolate (which should have been brown, by the way) are not where they should be. I guess it's not living up to the hype. There is a new RAZR coming out in a darker grey color that has iTunes. I really like my RAZR a lot...but I would like to have PDA capabilities due to my work schedule where I am all over the place, and in case I need to have documents available on the phone. So probably a Moto Q or the TREO.
  7. I had a Motorola Razr V3X... It was cool and all, but the iTunes didn't quite work for me since the phone hadn't been released in the US yet... :Push:

    I cannot freakin' wait for the Q to come out in November for Cingular!!! That phone is TDF!!! I'm tired of my SLVR V6... :cursing: