Cell Phone Pocket in your Bag

  1. Anyone has a cell phone pocket in your bag, specifically a birkin? Any pics? Any opinions?

    Anyone have a gusseted pocket in their H-bag?
  2. i briefly thought about it but was advised against it. simply based on the fact of the changing sizes of the phones. my old one was pretty small my new one is larger so what fits yesterday may not fit tomorrow kwim
    a gusseted pocket may be the better option
  3. thank you, Lilach :flowers:

    most of the time, I usually put my cell in my back pocket anyway since i have a hard time hearing it ring but I do use the cell pocket on other bags to hold my pen, lifesavers, lipgloss and lipsticks. What do you think?

    I love the idea of a gusseted pocket but its one big gusseted pocket vs having two pockets (one of which is gusseted) with the cell pocket option.
  4. I use a Vespa pouch to hold my cell phone when I am carrying a Birkin. I don't use the gusseted side pockets.
  5. There is a new AW2007 pouch. PM, MM and GM size. Think it's called Pilo Pouch. It is bi colour with the main body in one colour and a weave pattern in another. Quite atypical of Hermes to make a pouch like this but absolutely adorable. The weave reminds me of BV.
  6. I use a chameleon to deal with the cell phone issue in my H bags. I do have a problem accessing it and hearing it sometimes though. In a Kelly, I just assume that I am going to miss the call. Garden party and bolide, I usually hear it and get it in time. Birkin, +/-.
  7. I must be going deaf! I never put my phone in my bag, I always have it in my coat pocket or trousers pocket so I can hear it when it rings. Honestly, the bags are relatively heavy so I try not to buy too many accessories to weigh it down. It's a personal choice, if you like it, go for it, but not for me. And yeah, Lilach is right about the phones being a different size each time there is a new release, just look at ipods. I think all the 3rd party makers for ipods have about given up as the size changes every year!
  8. Thank you for the feedback, y'all! :tup:

    I am one of those people who prefer to see leather inside a bag instead of a microfiber organizer but I will think about it.
  9. In a Kelly, I just assume that I am going to miss the call.

    lmao. i don't have a kelly or birkin but i usually try to keep my cell in my unsnapped karo. makes it much easier to find.