Cell Phone or Watch For Telling Time?


Do you use your cell or watch for telling time?

  1. Cell

  2. Watch

  3. Both

  4. Neither

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  1. Feeling so free (or being so used to) without wearing a watch, I am totally relying on my cell for telling time. My poor (expensive) watches are now collecting dust, and I have given up shopping for my dream rolex (maybe a blessing, to free up money for more bags).

    Curious about how many people still tell time with their watches?
  2. I do...I love my watch too much to part with it, and I even wear it to bed so I would be lost without it!
  3. ^^same!
  4. me too!
  5. I used to wear a watch every day, but since I started my job where I always end up messy, I've stopped wearing one. To start off with it felt really weird, but I've actually got used to it now. I tell the time now either by the clock on the wall, or my mobile phone.
  6. I LOVE timepieces. I never leave the house without wearing one.
  7. I have a gorgeous watch and never wear it, I guess I'm just not a watch person. So, I rely on my cell phone for telling time and my watch just sits all purty in its box :rolleyes:.
  8. LOL I use my Sidekick to check the time!

    I do want a Breitling watch for Xmas, though:smile:
  9. I love Breitlings (but I wear an Omega) and I feel like I am really missing something if I forget my watch. Just as bad as forgetting my wedding rings.
  10. I hate wearing watches.
  11. In fact any jewelry bugs me except earrings....but I can't even wear dangly ones!
  12. But my cell is my alarm...lol
  13. Cell. I'm not wearing watches, but my DH has 7 or 8:girlsigh:
  14. I use my watch, I love jewelry to begin with so having another accessory on my wrist is a must!:queen:
  15. cell phone definitely.

    it's kind of funny, my boyfriend loves watches, like obsesses over them. i obsess over purses and i hate wearing watches. i guess he hates wearing purses too...

    btw, if you want a breitling, there's a store in delaware that sells authentic ones for 20% off and with no tax.