Cell phone lanyards?

  1. does anyone own a cell phone lanyard? If so, does it get in the way when you are using your phone? This one is too darn cute, and the color matches my phone...
  2. i used to have this hello kitty mini doll on my phone :smile:

    and i had several cell phone lanyards.

    i love it, esp when they match my phone!
  3. I may have to get this when I go to pick up my Zoe and patent mini skinny this weekend... :smile:
  4. I love mine, got it for my birthday last year. My husband and I have the same exact phone so it comes in really handy.
  5. I use the lanyards like charms. They're cheaper than the keychains and such. I loop it around on the handle or hardware of my bag.
  6. i have the fruit one from this past spring, and it's got more charms, so, it can kinda get in the way, but, overall, no, I love it!! :smile:
  7. I have the double heart one. And it does not get in the way but they do scartch alot. This is my next one. I love stars.
  8. Here's a picture of mine...

    I like it and I don't at the same time. Once in a while the lanyard gets hooked/caught on things and it's really annoying and sometimes when I talk on my phone it gets stuck between the phone and my face when I'm trying to answer in a hurry or I'm driving and not paying attention as much to my phone and I'm just grabbing for it.

    You can get one and try it for a day or two. If it becomes a hassle, I'd just return it.

    Edit: One thing I like about the one I picked up is it's leather, not metal. With my previous cellphone I had a lanyard with a metal charm and it scratched my phone up while it was in my purse and stuff, the leather doesn't.
  9. I got the starfish one when it came to the outlet, and my phone was already scratched up so I don't know if it was the fob. I have the samsung version of coachkaties. When I do get a new phone, I could use my westie fob thats leather. It has never bothered me (starfish).
  10. I have one of the bracelet ones...I dont think it gets in the way..but it does add bulk...and it does scratch the phone up...but I like it because I wear it on my wrist like a bracelet if I want the phone close by...or if I'm using my headset and talking I have it like a bracelet while I"m talking instead of in my bag or pocket. My mom likes them because she likes the phone in her pocket with the design hanging out...
  11. I didn't even think about it scratching my phone - glad you ladies told me, I love my pink phone and dont want it all scratched up!
  12. I recently got a new cell phone that could hold a lanyard (yay) and got the Coach white leather loop with signature star. The star hasn't scratched my phone, and the leather loop is great for snagging the phone from whatever depths I've stashed it (handbag, pocket, neoprene pouch hanging from my car vent, etc). I like the idea so much that I'm trying to find other ones (Coach and beyond) that have the leather loop included.
  13. What phone do you have? I have the pink razor and it's never scartched my phone just the charms themsevles. I need to get a new one. But I'm waiting to get a new phone.
  14. I'm not sure who that was directed to, but I have the pink razr (as pictured) and previously I had the plain silver and it would get little scratches and almost little ding like marks on it (almost how a car gets those little dings... my cell got those).
  15. i have the light pink razr, and I love it so much i don't want to scratch it - the first time I dropped the thing I swore for 10 minutes straight!!!