Cell Phone lanyards?

  1. Do they scratch up your ladies phones? I like the signature pink one, but i'm afraid it will tear up my lil' blackberry pearl (who is now living in the Heritage Stripe wristlet..it loves it).:yahoo:

    So ladies, do you like them? And any pictures on your phones?

  2. Here is my frog on my phone. I have to admit that at times it does annoy me clanking around but he's too darn cute to take off![​IMG]
  3. See it looks so cute! I'm just afraid that the metal on plastic will be bad.
    This is the one I want
  4. My red KRZR has a soft-ish plastic coating on the back, so it doesn't scratch easily. I don't have a picture of it right now, but I have the red leather apple lanyard on my phone. So, that also makes it not very scratchy.
  5. I had a really heavy pave hearts one from last Feb, It was heavier than my phone!!! I got a new phone and didn't transfer it over, I'm going to find another use for it!
  6. I just took a quick photo of this. I have the hearts cell lanyard on my razr. I love it because the hearts are not metal, so I dont feel like they are scratching the phone up when they hit up against it. Plus its just too cute!
    phonecharm 001.jpg
  7. That is really cute! Ok well if you ladies don't seem to notice any scratches on the phones, I might take a jump and get it!! woo hoo!!
  8. I have one too! :love: I love it! Mine is all metal charms, I think they call it enamel or something? Eh...I've had it for over a year on my phone. It does bump around and lightly bang against my phone, but no scratches on the phone. There are slight (very slight, you probably need a real good eye to sde them) scratches on the back of the charms. But I can totally live with them.

    One more thing, if you get one with diamonds on it, you should paint clear nail polish over the diamonds. I didn't, and two diamonds fell out. This has been a reoccurring problem with Coach keyfobs and cell lanyards with other tPFers.

  9. my phone is already scratched up as it is...but i got this one with a long loop so it doen't really hit the phone
  10. i have the pink signature one you want and the pave star thats up on the website right now sorry i dont have any pictures though. my phone is already scratched up so i cant really tell if the lanyards made more. if it scratch up your phone, they'll most likely be small and light -not too noticebale.
  11. I just got one this weekend that's new. It's the spring enamal with the single white flower and single blue butterfly, all metal and I haven't had an issues with it.
  12. [​IMG]

    love it...now it's on my SK but on either phone i had no scratches.
  13. Thanks for starting this thread. I was really curious about that myself! There are so many cute charms. It's hard to choose!
  14. I just bought this one about a week ago and there aren't any scratches on my phone. However it (phone) does have protective coating on it.
  15. My only issue with the lanyard is that the piece of metal (with Coach embossed on it) on the end of it gets scratched almost immediately. However, the phone itself shows no wear and tear. I would still buy another one though. I didn't even realize there was a pink one out. So cute!