Cell Phone Lanyards

  1. Does anyone have one? Do you like it? I am crazy about the little silver horseshoe lanyard and am thinking of ordering it today....but I wanted to get other's opinions on them.

    Do you find them to be in the way or just flat out cute? Are they a pain to put on and take off?

  2. I have a flower one on my Blackjack with a little handle. IT's GREAT especially when my hands are full, I can just hold onto the lanyard and still have that hand free to hold other things. I don't think I can go without it! I'm surprised some phones STILL don't have spots to put lanyards!
  3. i have a sig. cellphone lanyard and a conversation hearts one, i love em both!! i think you should def. get the horseshoe.
    oh and im pretty sure once you get it on your phone it'll look so great that you'll never want to take it off!
  4. I gots 2...i like them. helps me not grab hubby's cell phone instead of mine off the table (we have the same phone)


    and you can see my bee one in this picture (this it the one I'm currently using)

    very easy to put on...i do need to use a bit of dental floss as a threader though
  5. I saw a new legacy lanyard at Coach the other day, which I wanted to get, but what is the purpose of these exactly? Are they just for decoration? I'd love to get the legacy, but only if it's useful...
  6. I have a Coach leather star on my phone and its cute and is also functional. Whenever I put my phone in the slip pocket of my bag, its always pretty difficult to slip it out since its a tight fit. Now I just leave the lanyard dangling out and pull it right out by that so I can actually get to my phone before it stops ringing:p
  7. im addicted to them...but oddly enough not for my phone!! hehe i get them to dress up the zipper pulls on my mini skinny, laptop sleave and my fav use for it...to dress up my USB drive!!!

    LOVE it!
  8. I have a few. They can be tricky to get on, but not impossible. I think that add cuteness and for some functionality (I always get the ones I can put around my wrist!). Alas....I now have the iPhone..and its only flaw is no place to attach a lanyard too!!!!!!
  9. I love mine...it makes my phone easier to pull out my bag! I just don't like the metal kinds- I prefer leather or patent...can't really stand the metal banging on my phone. :smile:
    cell accessories1.jpg
  10. i have the signature one loop one and i love it cause i can hold it around my fingers so i dont have to hold the phone and worry about dropping it

    AND i love that i can find my phone jsut by pulling it

    i have always thought the metal ones were cute but SO scared they would scratch up my phone or somehow hit really hard and crack the screen that i stayed away from them,,,
  11. i have one too! i bought it off of eBay about 10 months ago. i love it! it's so cute! two of the diamonds have fallen out since i bought it. it made me really sad, but i still love the star and moon. just yea, fyi, the diamonds will fall out eventually. same thing happened to my best friend's cell lanyard.

    i don't think the strap gets in the way. to me, it adds personality to your phone.

    also, it's usually japanese phones (samsung, motorola, nokia, etc) that have the little clip for the cell lanyard. a lot of american phones (lg, apple iphone) don't have it....because i guess the whole cell lanyard thing started out from asian countries. like, it's crazy popular in taiwan and japan for girls and guys to have little dangling charms and bells hanging from their cell.
  12. I love having a lanyard on my phone...it makes it so much easier to find in my bag and grab when it's ringing! I've had the one I use now for about a year and I can't imagine not having one on my phone. I actually put one on my USB drive too, so I can find that in my bag easily, since it's so tiny!

  13. its so funny you say that i remember once i was on the subway and this one japanese girl and her friends were talking, and she took out her cell phone to show them something and it had like 1000 things on it, like 2 hello kittys and a lanyard and a plastic winnie the pooh and a star haha it was so funny cause on these like 2 lanyards she has so many charms you could hardly see the cell phone under it :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone for the pics !!!! Deweydrop...dental floss!!! You are a genius!

    I guess that settles it... I'll order my horseshoe and post pics of it on my silver Razr when it arrives!!!
  15. I have the signature lanyard also.