Cell Phone Lanyards- who has them!

  1. Hi ladies. So I have never really paid any attention to the coach cell phone lanyards since I have a motorola razor cell phone and I thought that you could only the charms on your phone if you had an antenna! So I found out the other day that I was obviously wrong- so exciting! its opened up a whole new world! :idea: who has these? do you like them? pics please!
  2. I have one, but I have no idea where it is since I am now carrying an iPhone.

    Honestly, the last one was clanging around and it got to be annoying.
  3. I have the heart mix cell phone lanyard and it's adorable but heavier than my phone and clangs against it all the time! LOL
    I love it but I may end up getting the little pink heart one since it's lighter and not as jangly.
  4. That's the biggest reason I bought a Razr:
  5. I have the elephant cell lanyard that is covered in crystals on my Verizon pink Razr. I love it, but I also use a headset with it so I don't worry about it getting in my way.
  6. I have one!!!

    I got one with a little loop on it so it could be a tad bit more functional:p
  7. How do you attach the lanyard to you Razr????
  8. I have 2. But this is the one I'm using now. I got it from my secret santa!
    Ebay Pics 618.jpg
  9. ^Top right, on the side, the little round well. I stole Deweydrop's idea of tying a little piece of dental floss to the lanyard cord and then threading that through the opening.
  10. I really like my cell phone lanyard! I just got a cute green frog lanyard at the outlet too!
    Here's mine:
  11. I love mine!! It is jangly but I don't mind.
  12. I have two, but am currently using a Julius the monkey one:


    Signature Lanyard in "denim" (matches the bag on the left):


    My Mom has the perfume bottle one which is very cute!
  13. I have three.

    The signature lanyard one (black and white) on my camera instead of the "strap" the camera came with.

    The little apple lanyard (looks like the apple a lot of ppl are getting at the outlets) its on my flashdrive..... Im an ed major so i like apples

    and I have a little heart one with crystals on my black razr.
  14. i have 2 heart ones....and there both on there....i have a samsung u740