Cell-phone lanyard...

  1. i wish i could actually use these! can't wait until i get a new cell...
  2. I bought the new heart leather loop one as a surprise gift for my mother, who just got her first cell phone that can use a lanyard. Can't wait to surprise her with it!
  3. i have this in black....they are kinda big i think.
  4. I have one in blue I got from the outlet. I love it. I went back yesterday, and they had some in red that were much bigger than mine. The SA said she was going to use the bigger one on her digital camera so she could wear it around her wrist.

  5. Yeah, I was wondering if these actually fit around your wrist...

    I have the bee one...and that little loop is pointless...(albeit, adorable!)
    eBay: New Coach Buzz in Bee Cell Phone Lanyard White (item 200033885443 end time Jan-31-07 16:48:13 PST)
  6. Cute....i'll be checking this out my next visit:smile:
  7. The leather strap with the star is quite long and fits easily on my wrist (and I have big hands!).
  8. The blue one I have does not fit around my wrist.
  9. Argg, I feel really stupid asking this, but how do these attach to a cell? Can somone post a pic of how one is connected? Perhaps it's just that my cell won't work with one, but I just can't picture how they work...
  10. OMG! ME TOO! :nuts:
  11. OMG! how did i not think to put one on my digi cam! i am ALWAYS complaining about not having a wrist strap for it!
  12. No worries; I didn't get it either until I got a cell phone that used them. On my phone (Sanyo Katana) there's a tiny metal loop on the right side of the hinge where the phone closes. That's where the lanyard goes. The lanyards have a small nylon loop on one end that you slide through the phone loop and then loop the lanyard through (overdose on the word loop there!). It attaches just like a luggage tag on a suitcase handle.
  13. can you see in the picture below? most cell phones (and digicams) have a little place to put a lanyard through...like a hole with a bar going through it...you just loop it through itself. (yeah - easily said than done...i had to tie dental floss to my landyard then feed the floss through the phone...pulling the landyard through!)

    I can take a better picture if you need...just happen to have this one already

    (edited to add a better picture...)

  14. ^^^Great picture! You can totally tell how that works with that.