Cell phone holders?

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  1. What variations of this does Chanel make? I was thinking of getting one to keep that and my keys when I'm walking my dog or to carry my camera.
  2. There is a cute reissue one but it is pretty pricey(I think 1495.00) and a caviar version(I had one and sold it because I never used it) Wish I kept it sometimes....oh well. I think the caviar version is around 1K or so.
  3. Someone posted this a while ago- I think they paid $475
    Cell Phone Case $475.jpg
  4. Yes, that mine! I am a bit of a cell phone holder junkie.....here is my Chanel cell phone holder collection. I have the last (reissue) in both black with gold and grey with silver.
    chanel3.jpg phone2.jpg chanel7.jpg
  5. Do you mind telling me how much does the reissue costs?

    Can it hold a cell phone plus some bills and a credit card? Thanks.
  6. The reissue :love: was $1095 (plus tax). It holds a cell phone, credit card holder, bills, lipgloss. I love mine.
  7. Wow rose I never pay attention to cell phone holders yours sounds perfect are they hard to find ?also would a trio phone fit?
  8. I posted a question about cell phone cases on the handbag forum and I just saw this thread... WOW... Those are beautiful Rose!! :love: Are they still available??
  9. What are the dimensions of your trio?
  10. They can still be found, usually tucked away at NM/Saks/Bloomingdales. I have not seen them at Chanel boutiques for a while.
  11. the measurments are 2 1/4x4 1/2 about 1 inch thick thanks rose
  12. You would need the reissue size for that, I think the width (1 in) would be a bit too snug in the other two. I actually use my two reissues the most, absolutely love them.
  13. So they are hard to find? All three of them? I would really love to get this one:

    Could you tell me the name of it? (I think I'll start ringing stores tomorrow!)
  14. I looked at the box and the label says: etui telephone
    94305 Noir ( they also had it in ivory). I got mine about 4 months ago.

    I got it from NM Tyson's corner (703-761-1600). Ask for Barbara Taubersmith, designer bags. If you have need help tracking one down PM me and I will call around for you.

  15. wow that black phone case is very pretty