Cell Phone Crystals

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  1. So I'm about to get a new cell phone and I'd love to add some crystals to the faceplates. But I'm at a complete loss how to do it and I know that some of you supremely talented ladies have blinged out some of your accessories and they look amazing. I'd appreciate any tips or tricks.

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    ohhh yeah, I just got finished with mine a few days ago but I don't think I'll EVER do another!!!!! LOL I swear, had I'd known it would be that labor intensive, I never would have started. (keep in mind I have a 6 year old and a 4 month old child so I couldn't do it whenever I wanted for how long I wanted to at any given moment)....I free handed the design and used 9ss sized crystals on the back and by the time I was able to do the front cover, I said "screw it" and used 12ss size to speed things along!! LOL I have a Blackberry curve 8330 and loooove this case. DH said I should sell it but I told him "no way! I'm too emotionally invested in this damn case!!". :P Im telling you, the hallelujah chorus sang in my head when I put the last one on there!!!! Here are the pics..........



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    ^^^ wow! Can you do mine?? :biggrin: haha

    May I ask how you did it? I have been thinking of doing mine as well.
  4. sure! Well, I went to rhinestonebiz.com and bought the crystals I needed....at least, I thought I bought enough. Turns out, I had to order 2 additional times to cover the darn thing!! LOL I used Gem-Tac embellishing glue, put a small dab where I would be putting the crystals (kind of spread the glue out to a very thin coating for the area)using a toothpick then used my tweezers and placed the cystal where I wanted. Very tedious!!! All in all, I spent about $70 on crystals!! Those darn things are so expensive and trust me, I definitely priced around and chose the cheapest website for authentic swarovski crystals. The sparkle says it all, its insane in the sunlight!!!:supacool:
  5. Thanks! It looks fantastic! I was going to try to do zebra print. :biggrin:
  6. I too bought crystals, I just don't have the patience! Your phone looks great though! Good job!

    OP- You will definately need way more crystals then you think ;)

  7. yup yup!!!!!
  8. That's an absolutely gorgeous phone Diva!!! Thanks so much for the photos and explanations!
  9. I did my palm 650 when I had it and the process turned out just like divadivine. It is labor intensive and I did the same thing on thinking I ordered enough crystals when I really didnt. I think I also spent about $70 to 80 on crystals and I used size 8ss crystals. I think it took me about two weekends to finished. I sat in the bed on weekends to finish. I used e600 glue. I plan on doing my palm 755 but I will buy a case and do that.
  10. divadivine, that looks fantastic, great job!
  11. Thanks so much for the compliments ladies!!!! :ty:
  12. divadivine, that's wonderful work!!! I can imagine the joy you had when you finished. Great job
  13. I love the hello kitty on your phone! I don't think I'd have the patience to add crystals to my phone, though...I'd probably give up along the way.
  14. Thanks for all the advice, i think i may just do a smaller design on the back of the phone instead of covering the entire thing. I don't think i'd have the patience to cover it all and with a smaller design i can still have some sparkle. I just got a pink blackberry so i may do hello kitty (i LOVE your's Diva!) or something on the back. Thanks again!
  15. Anoka, know whats funny? I was only gonna do the hello kitty design and be done with it! lol Good luck on your project and please post pics when you're finished!! ;)