Cell Phone Blackberry Curve(8300) or Blackberry 8800???

  1. DF and i are looking to get a Blackberry Curve (8300) or a Blackberry 8800. we have looked on Cnet and reviews but needed more info so i come here on TPF and see who has a Blackberry Curve or an 800.

    Wanted to know what blackberry you have and what your likes and dislikes are.

    and then this will break down which one to get.

    thanks in advance
  2. When I was deciding b/w the 2 I went with the Blackberry 8800. The 8800 has GPS which I needed.
  3. I work for at&t and they are pratically the same phone

    Like merrazu said the 8800 has the GPS but the curve is smaller and has a camera. I personally perfer the curve bc I like to have a smaller device and have the camera. Plus with the curve you can always get the seperate gps device that you can blue tooth to the phone.

    Any more questions? :smile:
  4. I was also debating between the curve and the 8800. Although it lacks the GPS feature that the 8800 has, I decided on the curve because of the smaller and sleeker size. Even though the quality isn't the best, the curve has a camera.
  5. I like the curve better. It is a great size/weight. You can add the GPS for $100 if you need it.
  6. Thanks for the info... i hear that a new Curve will be coming out in a month or two is that true???
  7. Not that I know of but that doesn't mean much :smile: They really dont tell us whats comming on the store its kinda a suprise most of the time unless one of the techie guys in the store researches it on phone scoop.com
  8. I've been wanting to get a blackberry too. I have Verizon. I'm not good with the technology stuff so I have no idea where to start. I don't even know everything that they do... can you go on the internet with them? Like on every website? I know I sound like such an idiot, but it's one of those things that is taking over and I figured I'd get one. I don't think I need all the bells and whistles. I am a housewife so I don't have some massive schedule to keep track of or anything. I would just want internet... a camera... bluetooth isn't a issue to me because I'm not into that. So yeah, would one of these work for me? And I know it would be just my luck that I would get one and then a new, better one would come out.
  9. Iluvmyhusband and to everyone else looking to get a pda device for the first time...

    My best advice to you is to really understand what you are looking for in a device before you go into a store. You dont want to go in just ready to buy and be sold into something that you dont need or dont even want. I would reccomend that you go online and do a little research about what eachone does. And have the understanding that you will have to take the time it requires to LEARN each device. Sure when I sell a pda device I will give the customer a little run down but unless you find someone that is super pacient and doesnt work on commision then you are definatly not going to recive a full tutoial on it. You MUST MUST MUST be prepared to take the time---that is the most importain thing I have to say.

    I tell most people that they will hate it for a week bc it is sooooo different from a regular phone that it is going to be a little (or a lot) confusioning until you learn all the functions and how to get around on it. I just hate to see someone get in over their head and they just A) end up returning the device and be very unhappy that i sold them that B) keeping it bc they think its cool but are always super fustrated with it and can't really use it c) keeping it and thinking that it will never do what they want it to do only bc they did not take the time to figure it out.

    As far as what they do it kinda depends on the device you decide to go with.. but the basics are internet, e-mail, text, bluetooth, calander, notes, mp3 player, some have GPS, and a few extra things that i never use lol.

    If you have any specifice questions about a certain device just ask me. And be prepared for you bill to go up about $40 when you get one of these devices bc of the internet packages.

    And to Annabellet yes there is a new curve comming out looks like it will be a mix of blackberry software and windows!
  10. ^^Thank you sooooo much!!
    I'm thinking I, as well as my husband, would fit into the B category you mentioned haha. I had no desire for one until he mentioned it. Which I can't figure out why he wants one because he has no need for it either LoL. It's just one of those gadgets ya know! I'm going to do some research tonite. I was wanting to get a sidekick. I have a V from Verizon right now so I have the full keyboard and bigger screen inside. I love the full keyboard because I text a lot. So I would enjoy the sidekick... something not so full of crap I don't need. But then I looked and TMobile has really bad coverage all around me so I was thinking that would kind of be a waste. But I also think it would be a waste to spend 800$ on 2 blackberrys that don't get used to their full capability. Oh decisions, decisions. But thanks so much for your help and I'll probably be taking you up on your offer of answering questions!
  11. I just got the Curve about a week ago (after losing my Blackjack) and so far I'm digging it. I'm still getting used to it, but haven't had any problems figuring anything out. My Blackjack had a scroll wheel on the side and arrow keys so going from that to the little ball on the Curve was a bit of a shock but I've learned to work with it.
  12. Hahaha good luck in your research. ^^^^ actually the blackjack copied that side scroll wheel from the older blackberry. I am not a fan of the ball in the middle or I would get the curve. But for now I am sticking with my blackjack. I personally have used that one since the frist day it came out even though I have my choice of any free phone in the store :smile:
  13. I have the Blackberry Curve from T-mobile, it offers a little more than the AT&T model.
  14. I have the 8800 after going from a Pearl. It doesn't have a camera like the Curve does, but I'm not missing it because the camera's not that great on the BB anyway. If I want to take a pic, I'll use my digital camera. I like the idea of the GPS that the 8800 has. :tpfrox:
  15. I have great picture quality on my curve. I didn't need GPS because my vehicles came with that.