Cell Phone Accessories

  1. ok, so I know that there are WMC and BMC phone straps (I have those), but aren't there also phone charms? Does anyone have pics or a list of the ones that are available?
  2. I have the berry inclusion cell charm:

  3. Those are very pretty- Love it on the Speedy..

  4. I agree.
  5. The white inclusion should be out too...or coming soon.
  6. In addition to the MC straps, there are 4 Inclusion phone charms- beige, black, berry, and soon to come white. And wow, I just realized I have all of those except for the white Inclusion! :wtf: I remember seeing Pastilles phone charms too on the preview sheet, but I'm not sure if they're still being released.
  7. Don't the little cobes bang around on the phone itself?
  8. ^^ Yeah, they do. It's a bit of a nuisance, but not a big deal to me.
  9. i have the white one, it's really cute! But I had to buy another phone to match it lol
  10. How much are the inclusion charms?
  11. ok, kewl. Thanks everyone!
  12. Aww that is so cute!!
  13. the white ones are out already. A used one just sold on ebay for $158