Tech Cell phone accessories and ear peice ideas.

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  1. I am getting a new phone, the Blackberry Storm, and want cute stuff. Any cute accessory websites? Also I was wondering where ya'll keep your ear peices? I wish there stylish cases to keep the phone and ear peice together. I always seem to have one and not know where the other is. Any ideas?
  2. *bump* I really can't think of a way to keep the earpeice and phone near each other. Unless I just keep them in a pocket in my purse. Most cases just hold the cell. I need a unique idea.
  3. keep the ear piece in a coach mini skinny.. safe and sound
  4. when do u use it? if ur using it in the car, you could just keep it in the cup holder or ash tray if u dont use it. otherwise the mini skinny would work
  6. I am an accessories nut but I prefer my Blackberry (I have the Bold) without one. I did however purchase a soft suede pouch from It's very thin - really just to protect against scratches when I keep it in my bag, but there is an option of a pocket for the earpiece/earphones. You may want to check it out.

    Otherwise if you just want a fancy case, there is always, and
  7. I need some opinions, too, but I didn't want to start another thread...

    There are those super cute "fake" designer cases for phones...we are fake-haters united here, so how wrong is it to get a case that isn't "real"? THANKS!!!
  8. if u are a girl, you can "crystalize" ur phone...
  9. i always use silicone case on my bold
    have u try and look at
  10. Are you set on the Blackberry? If you're in the market for a regular mobile, I just got an LG Decoy with a Bluetooth that attaches to the back of the phone. It is an awesome phone. My hubby gave my a really nice bluetooth for Christmas and I managed to lose it within a hopefully it'll be hard to lose this one!