Cell or PDA skinz and sticker rhinestones, cheap looking??

  1. I have a PDA and the silver color of it is kind of boring me. I was wondering if you guys think that skinz or the rhinestones sticker look cheap and taky or looks cute when put on a PDA or cellphone?
  2. i think the ones with rhinestones are really cute but take it from me they dont stay on long they eventually pop off.Unless you can find a case with them on there, that may work better.
  3. i think those cheap plastic "crystals" with the peel and stick back look tacky. Swarovsky looks nice, but they fall off.
  4. It only looks nice if it's done well.
  5. ^^i agree with purly...if it's done in a nice design it looks good. and make sure you don't go overboard with it
  6. Rinestones are nice but a lot of times when ppls try to rinestone their phone themselves it looks kinda ugly....if you're gonna get rinestones all over your phone than the best thing to do is it to send it in to a place that specializies in that, and have them them do it themselves to your phone. That way, they stay on longer.
  7. I have a skin on my phone, purely for fun. It is a glitter pink, applied properly and yes, some people think it is tacky. That's ok with me. The rhinstone ones don't do anything for me tho.
  8. The crystal things always looked tacky and now dated to me. Like 04-05ish.
  9. i like it if done properlly.. i have my little pink nokia phone outlined with swarboski crystlas and in my opninonit loks great
  10. I have had the crystals for about a year, I loved them when I first had it done...they do fall off and I am a bit 'over it', but don't think it's tacky.

  11. ITA:yes:
  12. It's cute!
  13. I have "crystalized" both of the Treo's that I've had and love it. I ordered swarovski crystals in bulk online and got some good glue from a local craft store, and really haven't had a problem with stones falling off. I think its mainly the larger stones that fall off because they can't get close enough to the phone/pda/whatever. My fiance thinks I'm crazy for spending the time to do it, but I'd prefer to spend maybe $100 on crystals/glue rather then $300-$400 to have it done professionally.
  14. I never wanted anything but a cell charm. At least I can change those on a whim, wheras the rhinestones are usually more permanent (depending on which kind you get).
  15. I have a "skin" on my cellphone and I love it. I've never seen another one like it and I get a lot of comments.