1. Why isn't there a CELINE forum???????????????
  2. Ya I thought the same thing too, and had to post my Celine Boogie question on the General Board....guess it's not the mainstream popular bag for 98% of the population, but I do like Celine Boogies and own a few myself :smile:
  3. Count me in as a Celine fan as well. The ostrich boogie that was being discussed in another message thread sounds gorgeous!
  4. i guess there is not as much demand for it... so it just goes to this subforum as a result..
  5. As much as I like Celine, I have to say that I don't think there's enough of an interest for a forum of it's own.
  6. Outside of the Boogie and Clandestine bags, Celine doesn't seem to be as popular or well-known as the other LVMH brands.
  7. I have two pre-Michael-Kors Celine bags, and every time I use them I get so so so many compliments. It's an old French brand, used to be very ladies-who-lunch stealth-wealth style.
  8. i have two boogies too, they're great! a brown and the turquoise they did in s/s 04, i love them..
  9. Here's one of mine:
  10. OK so I was the one who started the other thread about the Celine Ostrich Boogie that's in a to-die-for, most beautiful shade of blue with shiny silver hardware. Yes I did say I was going to avoid the Celine store today when I'm running errands in the mall, BUT I couldn't resist - it's like my legs got a life of their own. Before long I was drooling in the store again argh! The store manager probably got disgusted with my too-obvious drooling and said she would lay the Boogie aside for me <oh be still my heart>. And while I was stammering out some excuse that I won't be buying the bag, she said, "You're most welcome to come in anytime and oogle!" That got us into a nice conversation, and before long she started getting her SAs to model all the latest Boogie models (for my viewing pleasure). So it was inevitable that I came home with their latest Denim Boogie - the one with the gathered side pockets and grunge-rock leather details *ooh la la*. Me-thinks I shouldn't have stepped into the Celine store today :smile:
  11. And yes, to all the ladies out there who love Boogie bags, we all have unbeatable taste! There're now currently some great boogies on eBay if anyone wants to check them out and oogle at the pics.
  12. Pictures of all your Celines would be great!
  13. Yea but i don't know about boogies from ebay, though... tough one also saw some on dellamoda but don't know if it's authentic. Any thoughts?
  14. I have an ella that I love but don't know how to enter script to post it here since it's on my desktop. :cry:
  15. There's an Ella for sale on ebay at the moment for 500 - Steal!