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  1. I have the boogie bag in two colours...guess I should stop there? Is anyone else crazy about these too?:heart:
  2. I have a burgundy one, and I love it! I don't have multiples yet (I almost bought a bottle green one from the NM site), but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. :amuse:
  3. I like the Clandestine. It looks like something I would pull out my grandmother's closet. The details on the bag add an interesting and fresh spin to a vintage look.
  4. angst, i do love your taste. i really like the clandestine too. saw it on NAP and then IRL at NM a couple weeks ago. almost got it but decided to hold off. i love the style.
  5. Which boogie bag do you have? The frame bag or the open-top bag (similar to tote)? And in what color?

    I am crazy about Cladestine.
  6. Boogie fan over here! :yes:
  7. I'm a Celine boogie fan! I have the black velvet one (with lotsa of C-logos all over) and the pink calfskin one from Jan 2006. They're so roomy and versatile. But I am thinking of selling my black one cos I haven't been in a mood to use black bags these days, so I will eventually just end up with one.
  8. I love the Boogie bags! I've been thinking about getting one myself.
  9. I have the Crocodile open one in the cinnamon color (not sure what the name of that colour is…anyone know?) I adore it. It makes me feel so grown up=) I like to carry that when I wear my classic Burberry trench…It is an investment piece, to say the least, but I will have it for the rest of my life and hand it down=) I have the boogie frame in black, I got that one because I was just a little frustrated that the other one didn’t close completely, and I can take it on the metro (the little open side pockets are perfect for my carte orange)…I only take a taxi with the crocodile bag!
  10. Not fond, honestly...but, it is different and original, I suppose. It could be stunning on the right arm...it wouldn't look right on mine.
  11. I would love to purchase a celine boogie bag, but im worried about the size. I tend to use smaller bags, but I love them!

  12. Don't like it. There are lotsa prettier boogies than this one.
  13. They're not really that big, unless you use tiny tiny bags. You should go to a Celine store and try one. You will love it.
  14. [​IMG]I really like this one!!!!!!!!AND the croc trim one too!!
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