Celine yellow sandals, at $75 =)

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  1. while web surfing on internet this morning, i read a news on celine sale event and so i dropped by in the afternoon. i grabbed a perfect summer sandals at HK$600 (US$75) only. it's the only size left. though it's not that comfortable for me, i still bought it since it looks so different..

    sorry for my lousy dry feet, time to get some spa treatments. :P

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  2. Those are so cute and you got a great price on them.
    Unfortunately I do not think that Celine shoes are very comfortable, I have a few pairs that I rarely wear because they are so uncomfy. I hope that yours get better with wear. Congrats.
  3. $75 is a great price for them!!! And I love the color!!! I've never worn celine shoes, so I can't comment on the comfort, but I would look into foot petals to put into the shoes to make them more comfortable.
  4. What an amazing deal, thanks for sharing! You're right, the sunny colour makes it a perfect spring shoe :smile: I miss shopping in Hong Kong.. they have amazing deals there when it's sale time!