CÉLINE Winter 2014

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  1. CÉLINE Winter 2014

    The show will be on this Sunday at 1pm! And the latest buzz is that the former face of Céline for Asia (2010–2011), Faye Wong, might attend this show. How exciting. I'm a HUGE fan of hers!

    Let's start the ball rolling! And Fall 2014 hasn't even properly launched. Fashion is weird in that sense.
  2. So great! Very exciting indeed.

    "What´s in that box?" - michelgaubert instagram (#musicfitting)

  3. AAAAHAA cant wait!!!!!!!
  4. [​IMG]

    Sign of things to come? via juliekechichian
  5. WOW THATS HARD TO PUT IT ON THE INVITE !!! but i like the way they sticker it LOL
  6. True. I want to apply to be the person scribbling on the cards! I think I have the same handwriting. Haha. Paris has been a snooze!
  7. That handwriting is very 90´s backstage pass access!LOL

    Most of women´s fashion past weeks i don´t see any thing to care for so far besides Raf mens but thats off topic.:smile:

    MMM maybe Marc Jacobs oversize ostrich sneakers /knit pants combo /clouds fur coats/knit tops....

    overall i think its funny flip to see the rest of fashion world going now more minimal in some sense and Celine more maximalist/narrative direction .

    but i´m sure sure the winter show Celine 2014 show will be one of the best again.
  8. Indeed, this is fashion at its best. Quit while you're ahead!
  9. funny I looked at it and thought, that person has really nice handwriting. :biggrin:
  10. I guess here´s the official invite: (crystalskin instagram)

    I wonder if the show will be held at Tennis Club de Paris again... Exciting!

  11. Wooh, such subtlety. Very intriguing. I doubt that maximalism would end at just 2 seasons! Looks like it is more than just a card. I wish I was there for the show. I think we should all be there watching the show!
  12. I know! I think as true fans we should be sitting front row instead of all the investors haha!

    I´ll be outside the venue on Sunday and hopefully I can share some atmosphere details after that! Really looking forward to it!
  13. looks like a small booklet or poster !?
  14. Haha, it is a rather neat scribble!

    Looks like a fold out poster... Hmm. I want to see more as usually the invite would be a hint of what is coming...
  15. [​IMG]

    Faye Wong in a Céline suede coat in Paris, supposedly. Will she attend the slow!?