CÉLINE Winter 2013

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    Singapore's store is FINALLY renovated and it opens today! Here is a beautiful Emerald Edge via lesterkee
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    Exotic Box bags via btyler16
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    Handled the woven Phantom and not impressed. Unlike the Luggage, the Phantom has visible stitching holding the "weave" together. I thought it made the entire bag busier than it needs to be and just overall, very underwhelming for something very overwhelming. What a weird feeling.
  4. OMG!!! TDF!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes:
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    Ostrich Box bag, US$7300 at Saks Fifth Avenue via jennifer_s5a


    Felt Trapeze, US$2100 at Saks Fifth Avenue via jennifer_s5a
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    Felt Tie via 119 Corbo
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    Zoe Ghertner for Double #26
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    Zoo #40 Fall 2013
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    Vogue Turkey November 2013
  10. Those exotic boxes..... :heart: esp the blue........
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    Robi Rodriguez for Double #26
  12. Oversized coats and fur dress!!!wow!
  13. Does anyone know how much the Cloud Double-face Alpaca Coat is, and/or where I might be able to locate it? I am. in love. with it.


  14. I have not seen it but I believe the ball park is around 5k US dollars. If u r in US you could try bergdorf or Barneys in NYC. They usually have a large Celine rtw section.
  15. I have the price list booklet and just checked for you. I'm sorry to say that the coat in question is actually $7500. Ouch. (The brushed mohair coat rings in at $8000!)