Céline Winter 2012

  1. Trio Edge Bag in Mirror Calfskin Silver
    Trio Edge Bag in Python Cream
    winter_2012_leathergoods_41.jpeg winter_2012_leathergoods_42.jpeg
  2. OMG!!!! Love this!!!!!
  3. OOOHEMMMMGEEEEH! cottonblanc, you just killed me!!! ALL clutches, red suede Trap, WHITE Gusset & Phantom Cabas (gold lining!), Trio edge (*shriek* detachable!) - DEAD! :faint:
  4. I like the second mini. The first one looks so weird
  5. The color combination of mini and trapeze have gone too far...
  6. Nice Fall collection. It will be interesting to see what sells!
  7. Thanks for your updates! this one looks interesting! :p
  8. Oh..... Love the Trio Edge!!!!
  9. Do you know the price of the trio, the one on the right with the red? Tia:smile:
  10. I won't buy, but I love everything white. That python phantom! Love the shoes, too.
  11. Trio edge bag!! TDF! anybody know the color range of the trio?
  12. omG cotonblanc!! Droolinggg ...
    Thank u for all pics :graucho:
  13. yes! i just realised that! i love it :biggrin:
  14. Thanks for sharing the photos. :smile:
    This trapeze looks yummy...
  15. Wow, I love the glimpse of metallic interior on the cabas phantom!

    I'm happy the gusset zip cabas is coming back too.