Celine Triptyque - quality questions

  1. I have one Celine bag so far, a blue envelope bag, and the quality is impeccable.

    I know most people love the luggage bag but it is not me. I found some posts on the triptyque and really like it but am wondering if the quality is as good as the first season bags. I am looking to use it as an everyday bag, so it needs to be reasonably robust

    for Hermes gals: would you say that Celine is up there with Hermes quality-wise?
  2. The quality seems to have gone downhill a bit from last season to present in terms of the Luggage bags, but both my Triptyques are amazing. Not a stitch out of place, and the detailing is nothing short of fabulous. I have not heard of any issues with this style, but girls are slowly beginning to come forward with issues regarding the Luggage bags.

    And no, Celine is not up there with Hermes.. Nothing really is, honestly.
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  3. ^ thanks for your honesty and your great review :smile:.

    now I just need to decide if I want to save up for this or not....
  4. You're welcome. :flowers:

    The bag is truly worth it, IMO. The detailing is amazing, there are tons of compartments and pockets to store just about everything, and you can wear it as a shoulder bag, cross body, in the crook of your elbow, carried as a top-handle... The possibilities are endless. Megs wrote a really great review and posted some pretty pics of her red Triptyque here:


  5. thanks! read the review and liked what I saw, cross-body is really what I am looking for :smile:
  6. Does anyone know if the Triptyque will hold an ipad2?
  7. Do you care if the top is zipped?
  8. Would prefer it, but oculd live with it unzipped...does it fit unzipped?
  9. Sure does!! :tup:
  10. I almost bought the cinnamon tryptique at Nordstrom but the leather was wavy or something. When i went back the second time a different sa said that he wouldnt sell it and didnt know why they didnt get rid of it. He said," if they leather looks like this on this one, how would any look like? I just dont trust them. " i was very grateful for his honesty as i loved the style, even though it cost him a sale. Ive now crossed it off my list for good.
  11. Thanks! I think that this bag may be my next purchase. :smile:
  12. Would anyone share how much is retail for this bag? and what colors does it available in? I am loving this bag ever since I read about and saw Meg's gorgeous red pictures! I totally not into the luggage bags at all too...
  13. So far I have only seen the black/dark green/cinnamon/leopard/red/.. It is retailing at SGD$2,800 in Singapore for the leather one.

    I had been coveting for one too! I definitely prefer Triptyque more than luggage but idk how to explain that haha
  14. Thank you, sweetarrow!

    Waow! for the first time singapore price is actually pretty reasonable vs usa price. Isn't usd 2300 about sgd 2800? Most other brand prices are more expensive in Singapore.

    I like Triptyque understated style and it seems so practical! For the luggage, I just can not get rid of the "face"image in my mind LOL ...

    In the process of letting go some of my bags first, then I can buy another. The golden rule: one in, one must be out :smile:

  15. Its 2300 msrp here in the states. Bluefly had the cinnamon one a month ago for 1950-2100. It fluctuated between the two prices every other day.