Celine Triomphe Box Bag by Hedi Slimane

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  1. I don’t think I’ll buy anything from Hedi Slimane’s collection purely because of his arrogance and lack of respect for what Phoebe created.
  2. I still like the old box bag. This looks.. old.
  3. Same here. Apart from the fact that this bag totally isn’t my style, I think the strap looks odd and makes the bag appear cheap.
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  4. From afar, it looks like Chanel’s double c.
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  5. I find it interesting that some think the former box bag design looks “old.” I think it looks young and fresh. Minimalist.

    This new logo, emblem, whatever it is, looks “old” to me. But not in a vintage good way. Just gaudy.
  6. ...if the double C’s were blood relatives and conceived offspring, it would be this.
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  7. Queen of cool

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  8. Parlour X luxury store recently added a few photos of the Celine Triomphe Box Bag to their Instagram page. The bag seems to have a lot of lovers on Instagram.

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  9. I do wonder how many of these are sponsored bags, simply because I know other brands gift/sponsor popular instagramers and youtubers in exchange for some rave reviews and pushing the idea that X bag is the must-have for the season/year.

    I say that because I've travelled between Asia, NA and Australia since the release and I notice bags, but I've yet to see one carried in the wild.
  10. i do see women from China carrying the bag....
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  11. First time I’ve seen this bag in the wild. Here is a quick snapshot I was able to get. I also went to the Celine boutique yesterday and I must say the store is buzzing with customers again. Between November 2018-February this year it was very quiet. But a lot of customers were in their yesterday buying things. The Le 16 and Triomphe bag seems to be a hit.

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  12. Well that's nice to hear, I was in the Stockholm boutique last weekend, and there was only one other company in there at the same time as me and my BF, and they were all looking at the old Phoebe designs.
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  13. Yes No one is disputing that Phoebe designs are amazing and still in high demand. But there does seem to be a lot of support for the new Hedi Slimane designs especially from the wealthy Asian community.
  14. I hope you didn't mistake my comment for snarkyness! I genuinly think it is sad that a brand like Céline has "lost so much" due to their change of creative director, and I am glad to hear that the sales and interests are taking off even outside of Asia. Not for the sake of Hedi Slimane, as from everything I have ever read from him, his explanations and excuses, I do not get the feeling that he is a particulary symphatethic man, but for the brand, the heritage and all the loyal customers. I do wish them well.
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  15. Hehe I honestly thought in relation to sales
    Hi, no I don’t think it’s snarky everyone has a right to their own opinion. :smile: I think everyone just wants the designs to fail because they don’t represent Phoebe Philo anymore. I too am not a fan of Hedi’s arrogance. I just wanted to point out that it seems to be gaining momentum with new fans of Celine something I didn’t expect.
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