Celine Triomphe Box Bag by Hedi Slimane

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  1. I have touched the leather - I have to admit I thought it was quite good despite the high shine. The one I saw didn’t feel any more plastic than any dresses leather. Like a high shine vintage box calf. I thought the construction seemed very sound too but you never know until it’s been used.
  2. It’s a classic shape so you can’t really go that wrong. I have to say I prefer the classic box, the shiny clasp looks like a cheap H&M bag to me, but I have yet to see it in person. The fact that it’s based on a vintage Céline makes me like it a little more though :smile:
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking at adding the Celine Black Triomphe bag to my collection next.

    My sister is currently in Italy and can pick the bag up for me but I will be travelling to Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and a few other cities) in May.

    Was wondering if anyone know how the stock is like in the celine stores in Europe? Will the black colour likely to sell out if I wait until May as I do like to personally like to buy the bag myself.

    I've called my local celine stores, they seem to have a couple or black ones in stock atm and she said sales of these bags have been ok.

    Advice and thoughts will be appreciated.

  4. Oh my god, I feel exactly the same way about the Box! When I try to explain it to people around me, everyone is like “what are you talking about. The Box design is so simple that it should suit anyone.” Well, not me. It just makes me look super conservative and boring.

    I really like the Triomphe Bag. What a big difference a buckle can make! I don’t have the chance to try it on yet. If it looks good on me, I probably will pull the trigger. :smile:
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  5. Late to this thread, but the Triomphe looks both dated and loud to me. One of my absolute favorite bags is the Box, and seeing this obvious take on it makes me sad. It looks like Hedi is taking Celine the way Balenciaga,YSL, and Gucci have gone—loud, shiny, and logos to the hilt. That is definitely what is selling now, but it’s awful IMHO.
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  6. I don't see people carrying the bags by Hedi on the street though.
  7. No, I believe nothing so far has really been his own invention.. :biggrin: Haha, no, but I believe the accent has been added back and forth through out Celine/Céline history? At least this is what I recall reading. I could also be Phoebe or someone before her who just added it to the name, but as I said, I am unsure. All I know for sure is that this isn't the first time the accent has been changed.
  8. Yep, it was Phoebe who added (or re-added) the accent. Prior to her tenure it was absent, but sometime in the past it was present.
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  9. I saw a few of these in the window and have to say they did stop me in my track. I was off to an appointment, otherwise I would have run in to see/feel them and try them on. I’ll have to go back as this Triomphe has been on my mind since I saw it and of course you ladies have filled me in with all your informative comments.
    I don’t think the bag will work for me...flat bags like the trio, box and H’s c are too 2 dimensional. I tend to carry bulky items and they don’t usually fit in such a confined space.
  10. Veronika Heilbrunner with her Celine Triomphe Box Bag. Photo credit her Instagram.
    0E4750FF-67CA-425A-A92B-04B1251B7A95.jpeg 4B122791-2069-499B-88ED-8D11F729746D.jpeg 24F81122-80EC-4891-BC37-0D20CDB0E69C.jpeg E9532C9E-88B6-4E42-B9B8-CBF4C5CB5557.jpeg
  11. More modelling shots from Instagram of the Triomphe Bag.
    313C99B7-45ED-46D0-8F00-EAADFF27B685.jpeg FC52F10C-F8CE-4033-8CBE-152DF4F8FEFE.jpeg 17D847D0-67F6-41CC-B36C-9DF0571016C2.jpeg FA5D044D-3794-4FE2-AABB-CC893D4E578B.jpeg 1DF43AD4-10AA-49CA-9D4B-E143B51C644B.jpeg
  12. Green Triomphe Box Bag
    2F13364C-2861-459B-9E2D-624CC218A8E7.jpeg 342B8C4D-1A15-4F74-A16A-DAEA65E5321A.jpeg 50B33E02-FCE1-49B2-9D25-B6DA589C1AF3.jpeg
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  13. Yeah this bag is a still a NO from me.