Celine Triomphe Box Bag by Hedi Slimane

  1. I have touched the leather - I have to admit I thought it was quite good despite the high shine. The one I saw didn’t feel any more plastic than any dresses leather. Like a high shine vintage box calf. I thought the construction seemed very sound too but you never know until it’s been used.
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  2. It’s a classic shape so you can’t really go that wrong. I have to say I prefer the classic box, the shiny clasp looks like a cheap H&M bag to me, but I have yet to see it in person. The fact that it’s based on a vintage Céline makes me like it a little more though :smile:
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking at adding the Celine Black Triomphe bag to my collection next.

    My sister is currently in Italy and can pick the bag up for me but I will be travelling to Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and a few other cities) in May.

    Was wondering if anyone know how the stock is like in the celine stores in Europe? Will the black colour likely to sell out if I wait until May as I do like to personally like to buy the bag myself.

    I've called my local celine stores, they seem to have a couple or black ones in stock atm and she said sales of these bags have been ok.

    Advice and thoughts will be appreciated.