Celine Trio

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  1. Your trio is gorgeous! I was wondering what colour is it? Also, how tall are you? I'm about 5 ft tall and I am wondering whether to get the regular or the large. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! I think I am veering towards the magenta colour now. Your review of Glacier is really helpful!:smile:
  3. Glad I could help! If you do get a magenta please post pics, I bet it will be lovely!
  4. Really? sounds great that they can put a bag aside for a few hours! I got scared after reading in so many threads how bags go so fast in Paris that you have to go first thing in the morning or you might not find what you are looking for.
    I will definitely call them to save time. Thanks so much for your help! I will let you know how it goes when i'm back from my short trip :smile: (hopefully my first Celine reveal)
  5. OMG, I want one!
  6. I think the regular will suit you more. I am 5"4 and am using the large one.
  7. does anyone know how much the soft trio is? tia!
  8. Hi everyone, if you have to choose - which one is more beautiful and durable between "powder" and the new color "butter"?
    Have anyone seen butter?

  9. Yay! Finally my black large trio has shipped after 4 months pre-paid wait from Chrystalla (PF). I hope they pre- checked quality before shipping. I almost gave up waiting & canceled my order but everytime i see someone online wearing esp the black, i fell in love all over again.
  10. i had the same thoughts as you after waiting 3 months for my navy large trio and i almost wanted to give up cause the wait is literally killing me. but when i received it, it was totally worth the wait and i really love it!! mine was in good condition, no wrinkled leather or whatsoever. enjoy your new trio!!!
  11. Enjoy! I scored a large black last week at the main shop in Paris. It's still in its bag because I've been using my sun colored one. I noticed that the leather on the front pouch is getting wrinkly already. The other pouches aren't. I wonder if that's "normal"?
  12. Anyone know where I can find a large hot pink or orange Trio?
  13. I've asked around and I don't think the Large is (or ever was) available in these colors, unfortunately. The only bright color for the Large at the moment is "sun" (the other colors are black, navy, rust, and beige/nude).
  14. just came back from the celine boutique at mall of the emirates with my hubby. we celebrated Valentine's Day early like we usually do to avoid the horde that descends upon the mall during this particular holiday :smile: usually he gets me jewellery on valentines but this year i told him what i wanted. to his credit, my husband didnt blink at the bag prices while we were in the store although afterwards he did tell me he had no idea that celine bags were so expensive! so anyway, sorry for the rambling story; here's my second celine: trio solo in sun :smile:
    image-529293747.jpg image-1825801092.jpg
  15. Excellent! Love the bag and love your kitty.
    I have the Large Trio in sun and it brightens my every day. Plus I get a lot of compliments about the color.