Celine Trio

  1. Ahhh so the bigger trip aloha rag has up for preorder is the large size not the oversized one? Hmmm I may need to cancel that preorder
  2. May i know how much is Aloha Rag selling for the large trio !?
  3. $1150 :smile:
  4. Thanks ! We indeed have too limited info about the large trio and oversized trio!

    You mentioned that you may cancel the pre-order, may I know the reason !? I think 25x18 is a good size though
  5. I thought it was the oversized one, I wanted it for documents for work and stuff. Maybe even to hold my ipad
  6. Maybe you should ask Aloha Rag to reconfirm the dimension and if they will receive oversized n how much it will be.
  7. Don't worry, I will ;)
  8. at this point, any input helps! could it be the portfolio?

    anyway, update, a confirmation from DF.....

    The strap of the Large Trio bag is not removable.
    Dimensions: 25*18*5cm. Contrary to the Oversize Trio (38*27*4cm) it can be worn cross body and the different pouches can be dissociated.
  9. Chrystalla just confirms the same to me as she thought the strap is removable at the beginning.

    I m keeping my pre order for the large trio n she will try to find me some pics, stay tunned
  10. I just bought my trio BLK yesterday. Actually the nude color is my first choice but I worry with the color transfer on clothes I finally choose the BLK. I am very please with my final choice. It is so chic n classic. YAY !
  11. Gosh.... this trio is quite hard to find...I need one and just realized at this stage of pregnancy that hands free bags are the most comfortable one....running around completing my baby check list and also a not so haeavy bag thats back friendly...I also thought the trio would be my bff when the baby arrives...
  12. have been obsessing over the trio for a good month and i finally got one! it's in terracotta!! i love it :smile:
  13. Jealous of all the ladies who have got their trios! I'm waiting patiently for the Large size, which I think will be just right. Bring on June!
  14. Does anyone know what colors these come in? So far I know:

    1. Cobalt
    2. Powder
    3. Rust?
    4. Citron
    5. Orange
    6. Hibiscus
    7. Black
    anything else?

    Also, does this style come in croc embossed? If not, it should!
  15. I have one in Storm which is a greyish green. Also saw green, red, grey, navy, burgundy, beige, tan like colors before but not sure their official color names. I saw a python this season but haven't see it in croc embossed.